Everyday Sci-Fi: Bio-Environmental Dangers

On location at an Air Force base, a young engineer gets put into bio-environmental training and learns how to put tomorrow’s technology to use today!


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  1. TheBga83 says:

    There you have it. Bioenvironmental Engineering, a job combining 3-4 career
    fields properly seperated back out and not to mention giving other agencies
    the funding needed for their programs.

  2. TheBga83 says:

    I feel bioenvironmental is probably the most unnecessary job in the USAF.

  3. TheBga83 says:

    For starters, Occupational Health Risk Surveys…. hmmm. Doesn’t OSHA stand
    for Occupational Safety and Health Administration? So, merge
    Bioenvironmental Industrial Hygiene program with wing safety and BOOM,
    there is OSHA for the AF. Second, water sampling. Really?

  4. bilbo faggins says:

    No, it’s very usefull, for when the government releases all of those super
    diseases they’ve been creating in labs around the country. Weaponized
    Ebola? Yippie? A little Mousepox and some SARS??? Why of course. ANd here,
    the original influenza virus from 1918. ENJOY!

  5. TheBga83 says:

    Now, emergency resposne. CEX or CE Readiness as most know them, already
    have necessary equipment to identify chemical, biological, or radiological
    hazards. The fire department can research MSDS for health effects like they
    do when their is a HAZMAT incident, and relay the signs and symptoms to
    medical professionals.

  6. TheBga83 says:

    Utilities, Water & Gas, or whatever a duty location may call their water
    guys already check chlorine levels and adjust as well a pH. How hard would
    it be to give them an ADM-300 for radiation checks on the water and
    colilert for Bac-t? Not hard at all. Third, any additional environmental
    work can be given to CE Environmental, well because, it is in their name.

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