Ewan Ko Ba – ZOO (Zoology Album)

ZOO – Live Gig! Brads Bistro, Olongapo City, Philippines June 20, 2007 One of the songs in their first album ZOOLOGY! Now available in all leading record sto…


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  1. zoofan1 says:

    Its very good

  2. josacra says:

    This is very good, and I like your moves, keep that as your signature. More

  3. jazzhbury says:

    ok !ewan ko ba pero pinoy rock blues 2…another side of arnel

  4. biro1126 says:

    translation is = I don’t know man now i’m really proud i’m filipino nd i
    live here in the U.S.

  5. ianne samonte says:

    ganda ng kantang to ahh

  6. geronimo amor says:

    hi guys,,,produce ko kau show klownz and zirkoh…kano ba? hehehe

  7. u2phreak says:

    ang cute at sexy ni Arnel! – he reminds me of Anthony Keidis from Red Hot
    Chili Peppers with this haircut

  8. jbahista says:

    woohoo! galing ng bahista nyo!!! haha pati syempre si arnel!

  9. LadyTigersoul says:

    I really like this one. Love the guitar, and loved watching Arnel perform
    it. I love your stage energy Arnel! Hope I get the chance to see you live
    one day! :-)

  10. buttersbubble says:

    ah… familiar yung song “ewan ko ba, ah basta” heard it before, di ko
    talaga maalala kung kelan, nice! stage performance looks great.

  11. crazyboutyoga says:

    Really good. You’re very versatile. Ewan ko ba rin. If I can only
    understand what it means.

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