Feeding Plankton and Zooplanton to Tilapia and Crawfish. Home grown fish food

find out more at bioonica dot org Here’s our daily feeding ritual. Algae and zooplankton are harvested from the algae beds. The balanced, organic, live meal …
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  1. IzakGt says:

    On a scale of 1 – mosquito how much malaria issues have you seen? Joking,
    cool ecosystem. ?

  2. zorzo999 says:

    omg, your garden is an aquaculture pardise!! love it :D!!!

  3. Hofman jim says:

    Pretty Kool. I have 50 tilapia.

  4. acer hdmi says:

    is this a hobby yaks disgusting.

  5. Sfloridalures says:

    U can eat tilapia lol fun fact

  6. 00sAreTops says:

    Don’t you find that crayfish eat fingerlings/fry?

  7. Busanseggy Yee says:

    wikihow.com/Run-a-Self-Sufficient-Intensive-Aquarium-(Aquaculture) This is
    how you run a self sufficient aquarium. I can’t imagine how this amount of
    daily feeding can contribute to the nutrient consumed by a typical growing
    tilapia, they consume grammes of algae, that is purely not enough.

  8. justincabalfin says:

    nice place

  9. Weirdo Meng John Lee says:

    i wonder if i can use the algea from my brother’s white little bucket
    water? is it safe to take some of those algea in my assorted goldfish 55
    gallon baby fish pond?

  10. DAgosto5 says:

    ya but ur tank is so cloudy so why do this if u can enjoy ur tank?

  11. Devin Hunter says:

    @esidrdave have you ever tried to figure up the cost of running your
    system(s) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Devin -BBO

  12. Awaken2Infinite2 says:

    how would you rate duckweed for feeding fish?

  13. Devin Hunter says:

    This is interesting how this works….. and you do this daily? All this has
    a zero cost since you created it? Devin BBO

  14. David Epstein says:

    If you’re an herbivore it’s perfect. Plus you can freely grow it. It’s
    organic. Great protein.

  15. TheRealQawser says:

    what woul happen if you used the plankton as nutrients for the plants and
    nothing else?

  16. Noah Pen-kruger says:

    is that ganja growing @0:34

  17. David Epstein says:

    @badboyorganics.There is no need to buy fish food. Larger tilapia are being
    fed worms plus topping off tanks with algae water and zoo animal yummies.

  18. jerrenism says:


  19. David Epstein says:

    @nualgi I looked over your site. Nice sounding product. You work with
    diatomaceous algae, if you have a spirulina starter that would be very
    useful. My preference for nutrients is for organic fertilizer grown on
    site. Prefer to grow cycanobacteria aka spirulina and accomodate locally
    for its nutrient needs including high pH. otherwise for fish only an
    indigenous poly variety of algae is best as they will populate naturally.

  20. jerrenism says:

    That’s why his tank is so damn dirty

  21. David Epstein says:

    @esidrdave There are also bloodworms in the water which the fish love most
    of all. These are larvae from non-biting, mosquito-like insects known as

  22. visualkeirockstar says:

    cool, probably what my koi eats, because i never feeds it, and it still
    alive pooping

  23. David Epstein says:

    in moderate amounts, not enough to deprive tank of oxygen if it dies due to
    lack of light, etc. test with a sample. fish don’t need us to tell them
    what they will eat. they’ll let you know.

  24. Yeoh Mei Lian says:

    wow this is like the best video i’ve seen on how someone grows his own
    natural bio food. this is really raw natural healthy stuff for the fish.
    this is how fish should eat. this is how they eat in the wild too.

  25. tejolson92 says:

    I’ll be your friend if you do Yellow Perch. I would like to do a cold
    tolerant kale/spinach with yellow perch in the back of a green house heated
    with compost, and a kochel oven. I want to be able to forget about the oven
    from time to time. I am in southern Manitoba, it gets cold here.

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