Fishing Botany Bay

A couple of outings at Botany Bay with Boyd and Braydon.


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  1. ShireFishing says:

    Thanks Steve, cant remember the size now but? all them flatties were released as well. It was more about the boys testing out different lures and having some fun.

  2. ShireFishing says:

    Yeah Steve, we are big on releases especially breeders. It’s all? about educating people around sustainable fishing.

  3. Steve Mac says:

    also… i like how the kid done a catch and release.. most the time ppl would keep a bream that side…. i live locally and flathead i always tag and release them..specially flats over 45cm there like? the breeder

  4. Steve Mac says:

    nice video… this? will be one of a few comments lol.. that flatty was nice.. 40cm+??

  5. BigR000 says:


  6. ShireFishing says:

    3 answers
    1. some? Japanese brand handy cam – 4yrs old
    2. i-movie
    3. say whaat!

  7. crazycazer says:

    3 questions??
    1. What camera is used?
    2. What program is used to make this video?
    3. Are you guys sponsered?

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