Fishing with Big Mike episode 28 small bass

9/7/13 Fishing with Big Mike Fishing Onondaga Lake for panfish, caught a few small largemouths instead. Thanks for watching please like comment favorite and …
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  1. BigMike315Fishing says:

    thank you, it was a nice way to spend an afternoon.

  2. BigMike315Fishing says:

    haha right, def brotha that would be awesome.

  3. BigMike315Fishing says:

    thanks brotha, yup we need some more vids from you.

  4. Bulldogfishmaster says:

    Lol..if i cant go fishing at least i can watch u catch em 4me…lol! U ever
    in central california hit me up ill put u on some 5/7lb. Cali bass or try
    my best to!

  5. BigMike315Fishing says:

    thanks brotha, yup most of the time Im using UL unless were out in the boat
    or fishing for bigger bass..

  6. Bulldogfishmaster says:

    nices fishes BM…damn i gotta go fishn soon lol

  7. Juanelo1946 says:

    Congrats on catching all those bass! It sure looks like fun!

  8. sgtpavlov says:

    nice fishin,bass on UL is fun,even smaller ones.i am always using UL gear
    most the time.when you hook up with a nice bruiser,you are goin for a nice

  9. BigMike315Fishing says:

    thanks for watching brotha, yup its a gopro2, nice cant wait to see the
    deer you will get.

  10. Passion4TheOutdoors says:

    Hey, Big Mike! Are you using a Go Pro camera? Good to see ya out enjoying
    Creation, my fellow outdoorsman! I’ll be gettin’ my first Missouri bow hunt
    of the season, today! Fish on, my friend!

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