Food Waste in America Shows Lack of Appreciation

Over 30% of the food in this country that is grown for human consumption is wasted. To me that shows a lack of appreciation for food. If we were to all start…


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  1. Mike Lieberman says:

    @babylonoise That’s craziness.

  2. Mike Lieberman says:

    @makaea97 Most definitely is. Crazy movie.

  3. Mike Lieberman says:

    @CAlex6977 hahah. It’s the food that’s grown. It might turn into the shitty
    processed food though.

  4. blindtimes says:

    I”m raw Vegan so my motto is: Compost (4), Dehydrate (3), Vacuum Seal (2)
    Vegetable Stock (1) There numbered cause as much as I would like to have
    vegetable stock I am horrible for letting things go bad so 4 is actually
    the 1st I end up doing….haha

  5. rickbsu says:

    Food Inc made me sick…I couldn’t watch the entire movie. It did make me
    start to look for meat grown locally though and avoid the meat counter at
    the super stores.

  6. Mike Lieberman says:

    @MZMStudios 30% that’s just nutty and it’s in the production chain too.

  7. 1978graham says:

    I think in high school instead of having a foreign language as a required
    credit, it should be a requirement to have agriculture or horticulture!
    This would teach kids how much hard work goes into food production! Also a
    lot of waste is a result of consumers demanding perfect and unblemished
    fruits and veggies, it’s amazing the amount of food that is culled because
    of small imperfections!

  8. blindtimes says:

    @CAlex6977 Mother nature made gave earth the best food in the first place
    come from the earth’s soil, return to the earths soil. :)

  9. Mike Lieberman says:

    @1978graham THat’s what the article says. It’s our quest for “perfect”
    produce. I think it’s lack of knowing how to prepare the food and for not
    knowing what goes into growing it. Sad.

  10. MZMStudios says:

    Totally agreed!! When we cook something like a casserole, we’ll take half
    of it and give it to someone or freeze it so it doesn’t go to waste. We
    can’t afford to waste food.

  11. Mike Lieberman says:

    @rickbsu Check out the site EatWild (dot) com It’s a decent resource for
    finding locally sustainably raised meat.

  12. Mike Lieberman says:

    @Allen2045 I can imagine the food that’s wasted that doesn’t even make it
    to the tables.

  13. Allen2045 says:

    I work in a resturant and see a great deal of wasted food. I always ask if
    they want a box to take it home for lunch the next day. Some people say I
    don’t do left overs.

  14. G T-M says:

    I used to buy stuff because it was on special and then most of the time it
    would end up in the bin – what a waste. Now we only buy what we need and
    really think about the choices we make when at the supermarket, more so
    since the recession. We buy meat on the day or if it’s a real bargain we’ll
    buy in bulk and freeze it in meal sized portions. I know Wall.e is just a
    movie BUT see all the waste – food for thought

  15. rickbsu says:

    @CanarsieBK Cool site and several listings near my city. Thanks for the
    info !!

  16. Mike Lieberman says:

    @nini51963 Food Inc was def one of hte better food documentaries.

  17. Mike Lieberman says:

    @MsFirno Nice. That’s awesome. Seems like a lot of the waste that is being
    reported is in the production chain, not with consumers. That makes it even

  18. Mike Lieberman says:

    @blindtimes Nice.

  19. Chris Alexander says:

    I think most of the waste is processed shitty food anyway.

  20. rickbsu says:

    Mom grew up during the great depression and learned not to waste
    anything…I’m happy that she passed that habit on to me ! I could still do
    a better job of buying smaller quantities of food so nothing would be

  21. G T-M says:

    @Allen2045. I used to work in a cafe and we never refused to take home what
    left over, even if we took more than we could eat we would make a few stops
    on the way and share with extended family. Once a week our boss would stop
    at the local misson/homeless shelter and drop food off. It’s crazy to think
    people don’t do left overs.

  22. MsFirno says:

    We usually don’t have food waste in our home but when something is getting
    past its eat date I will make it into something that can be used like a
    lasagna with leftover veggies, etc. or I will dehydrate them. For a four
    person family we throw out about 2 bags of garbage a week. We recycle
    EVERYTHING that we can and what we can’t recycle, compost, turn into
    leftovers it has to go into the garbage.

  23. nini51963 says:

    I became a vegetarian I’m sad about the people who throw meat away they
    forget it was a life . I have 4 compost bins and am growing as much food as
    I possibly can. I wish more people cared about their food . Food Inc. Was a
    eye opener to me .

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