Freewave – The Professor (Explains the Science Behind Alicorns)

I did a hip-hop track with some rap myself? Tis true!! While many questions have been asked by the brony community about Twilicorn, the Professor Pony gets t…


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  1. Braixengirl7799 says:

    Princess Cadence wasn’t born an alicorn. If you read the book “The Crystal
    Heart Spell”(I think thats what its called. I may be wrong) Princess
    Cadence explains that she was found as a pegasis and was made an alicorn by
    Princess Celestia after she mastered the magic of love or something like

  2. thefreewave says:

    awww. well i’m glad you heard this now. :) glad you liked it!

  3. kasson larson says:

    This has been around since March and I haven’t heard it until now. I feel

  4. IO says:


  5. thefreewave says:

    Wheeee thanks for letting me know. I always get a bit worried. Thanks EQD!!

  6. aman692 says:

    i am enjoying this

  7. CombatF0rk says:

    reminds me of professor elemental, which is dope

  8. Holland Oats says:

    Holy shit, freewave! I haven’t voted on Saber’s Top Ten in awhile, but now
    I feel obligated to just for this song Also, why am I not subbed to you?

  9. EpicJosephFrance says:

    Is it just me or does that horn remind me of thrift shop?

  10. JakeLionsWorld says:

    Man, the world needs more of Twilight singing over the top of horn stabs.

  11. Aspenshadow721 says:

    2:19 Endtroducing… <3

  12. Holland Oats says:

    Who do you think I am, Nykkes? :D {} <-- that emoticon looks nothing like a hug to me, but there you go

  13. Matthew N. says:

    You’re definitely threading off your original path. Feels rather weird
    knowing where you started and where you were a few months ago. Nonetheless,
    this was pretty damn cool! I kinda missed some stronger, more-prominent sub
    bass in it, though.

  14. thefreewave says:

    maybe a sequel someday? The professor strikes back…. return of the

  15. Zephysonas says:

    Original magic. EQD

  16. Quix says:


  17. Andrew Pam says:

    Nice job! I really like it. Of course we now know that your speculations
    about Cadence are about to be Jossed by the forthcoming book…

  18. Robb Stone VA says:

    Funkadelic. Belongs as a 70’s chase movie theme.

  19. FoolYourself says:


  20. Visyak Cephias says:

    This needs to be a thing

  21. APillowInSpace says:

    This. This is funky.

  22. Legion EDM says:

    This is one of those songs you don’t realize you need until you hear it.
    Dat sampling.

  23. Jeffthestrider says:

    Haha, awesome job. Really funky.

  24. thefreewave says:

    thank you kind sir!!

  25. ismemob says:


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