Fukushima hero died of cancer

This week – we learned that the manager of Japan’s crippled Fukishima nuclear plant – Masao Yoshida – died from cancer, his illnesses reportedly had nothing …


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  1. lotusdourado says:

    It is a joke. After the largest global ionizing radiation leakage, the
    world biggest nuclear catastrophe, it is incredible there are a lot of
    people still trying to lie for all about the very high cancer risks imposed
    to all humankind and try to convince others that the cancer this
    Fukushima’s japanese hero get doesn’t comes from that high nuclear
    radiation leakage and his dangerous work. The ionizing radiation
    contaminated and kill him. All people needs to be aware of these lies, fake

  2. Poppi Dee says:

    Its already too late and it just keeps getting worse…….

  3. Maria Engström says:

    Fukushima hero died of cancer?

  4. jamaal campbell says:
  5. BoomBrusher says:

    Fukushima hero mysteriously died of cancer…Also, this just in: Radiation
    is good for you! LOL- YouTube http://ow.ly/mTgqI?

  6. Deborah Barnwell says:

    Radioactive contamination of groundwater at the plant surged to levels
    90-times greater than they were just three days ago,?

  7. raticida123456 says:


  8. goldsilverandiamonds says:

    Did they ever stop the leak going into the ocean? It seems like no one has
    reported on that.

  9. Stikibits says:

    Hero? Really!? The fella tried to force engineers to act inappropriately,
    didn’t he? The engineers had to tell him to shut the fuck up and let them
    do their work correctly. His actions were often reckless and one sided. His
    only concern was the finances of TEPCO, wasn’t it? Radiation probably
    didn’t lead to his cancer. It was probably more likely caused by drinking
    and smoking.

  10. jdharmer1 says:

    We have 21 of these nuke plants here in the US. We are toast.

  11. Stikibits says:

    Obvious signs of radiation poisoning will be seen most quickly within
    children and newborns.

  12. MegaRoFLL says:

    Ofc radiation was not a factor,just a coincidence that after just 2 years,
    he developed thyroid cancer (the most common type of cancer in cases of
    irradiation). AND IN JUST 2 YEARS.

  13. Micha Rsu says:


  14. LightCyrus says:

    Pff hahaha..not work related my ass.

  15. mengutimur says:

    Simi Valley was way worse than Three Mile Island!

  16. Sovietcomrade262 says:

    Cancer in general yes, but I’m talking about his particular cancer. It
    takes longer for it to occur then this incident. Also keep in mind the
    exposure depends greatly WHAT exactly he was doing. Merely being there wont
    make him exposed if he’s not in the right areas. As far as the Jap Gov
    comment is concerned, I wouldn’t apply that here because they would gain
    anything by hiding HIS cancer details given his involvement.

  17. NeutralExistence says:

    I think he died because he wasn’t smiling enough.

  18. chocomalk says:

    You make Jabba sad :(

  19. Ruby West says:

    Uh, remember Chernobyl? It took just months for the cancer outbreaks to
    begin. Cancer can spread very quickly depending on the persons immune
    system. This man worked there for years, Fukishima was just the final straw
    in the immune system crash. Stats are being suppressed by Japanese
    government btw

  20. Sovietcomrade262 says:

    cancer takes years to show up from radiation. And when it doesn’t, its
    usually fatal extremely early because of the shear amount of poisoning it
    takes to cause it that fast. It’s perfectly reasonable for the cancer to be
    from something else entirely in this situation, not to mention there
    wouldn’t be a single reason to hide that fact given his role in the

  21. wendy4ronpaul says:

    go to Rethink 9/11.org

  22. TheyAreAmongUs1 says:

    If Nuclear Energy is so safe you might as well pack your shit and go help.
    I know how dangerous that area is. Do you watch radiation level around the
    world daily, no you fucking don’t, so shut the fuck up, go back to sleep.
    Oh and if you would like to stick a cesium pill up your ass if you get
    cancer, fucking go for it. I will use Natural Medicine that has been proven
    to be effective. Nuclear power is for fucking cave. Grow the fuck up.

  23. Maria Engström says:

    Well… Pretty obvious that his cancer was directly related to his work.

  24. Sovietcomrade262 says:


  25. skaismith says:

    NO they have not and it’s much more than a leak! It’s more like a small
    volcano (not joking). Soon, like this year maybe, we all need to give up on
    eating ant kind of fish (unless you raise them yourself). They have stopped
    reporting on it because they CAN’T STOP IT!!

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