fukushima radiation dipersal area part 2

Steven Starr is the Director of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program at the University of Missouri and is an Associate member of the Nuclear Age Peace Fou…
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  1. vc jason macey says:
  2. humannaki says:

    well done o’rourke!!!?

  3. Natalie Helferty says:

    The nuclear reactors of pickering are targets of mafia reactor core
    meltdowns in two months time according to chern yaks new creepy script
    being written on a boat in ontario lake water contamination areas of the
    new world order he is creating beside a new world order dock on pickering
    harbour masters dime of the new age of one person running the earth and
    that is him. Christ

  4. faebugiuge says:

    dont talk bullshit! if theres a country with an own self-consiciousness it
    is japan. but these reactors are american (such as around 90% of the
    world’s working reactors) – my country itself exclusively works with
    american reactors after a local hazard with a self-built one…

  5. IndiaSergeant says:

    This video sucks, Presentation does not match the material

  6. James Allen says:

    Holy crap… Is this Cataract that developed, nearly blinding me in my
    right eye in just about one year, from Fukushima radiation fallout??? (I’m
    in Southern California)

  7. James Allen says:

    Youtube is owned by Google… Google believes they are the God of this
    worlds information. And too many would agree.

  8. Frank Golderer says:

    Nuclear power is a insane way to boil water 100,000 years of stupidity is
    how long it will take for people to wake the fruck up.

  9. karylm23 says:

    Where did you get the audio? Do you have a source?

  10. M o'rourke says:

    admiral hyman rickover worked on the first nuclear subs

  11. Dianna Skare says:

    America has the same problem! Has Anyone researched WHO HELP BUILD THESE IN
    JAPAN? Hmmmmmmmmm? GUESS WHO???????

  12. Sorpendium says:

    Google Scientists ‘Breed’ Radiation-Eating Microbe. This may be the answer.

  13. NuclearExitNow says:


  14. Why are we here? says:

    Since 2011-current the skies have looked a lot different as well, much
    larger clouds everywhere and more haze than usual, storms, etc. maybe a
    connection, maybe not, odd none the less.

  15. Satoru Kikuchi says:

    This is the problem that I have already given to the world. Japan has low
    level of consciousness of the country.

  16. tyrantrvaed says:

    Youtube is owned by google, that is owned by the CIA, that is owned by the
    illuminati/khazar warrioris/zionist/freemasons/Knights templars.

  17. Eddie Jr says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  18. M o'rourke says:

    i have never worked for any government agency hence i am not held under any
    confidentialy clauses whistlblowers feel free to blow through my whistle
    nor am i a journalist

  19. M o'rourke says:

    wikileaks is load of bullshit assange should be shouting from the roof tops

  20. M o'rourke says:

    ttheres more info on my channel

  21. honey badger says:


  22. Leisa Irwin says:

    Right on. Good to see an intelligent comment.

  23. Mutubeish says:

    or ghostery

  24. Mama Gordon says:

    Sad to say, you are probably right./ Next age of the earth will probably be
    something totally different. Hope they are smarter than us.

  25. M o'rourke says:

    all yours guys?

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