Fun Science with Professor Boffin – Experiment of the Month – April 2011

This month Professor Boffin looks at some of the properties of Mercury. It is the only metal that is a liquid at room temperature, with a melting point of -3…


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  1. escaflownae86 says:

    I had to post the answer as i didn’t see it listed. Buoyancy is weighting
    less than the fluid you displace. So the nut weighs less than the amount of
    mercury that it displaced. However I’d like to see you apply a 20amp charge
    to that amount of mercury in a controlled environment to see it’s effects.
    Make sure you pour water on top of it to reduce the amount of vapors it
    lets off.

  2. Annoytanor says:

    He was my teacher

  3. Annoytanor says:

    the reason the mercury doesn’t stick to things is because the mercury is so
    heavy and slipery that it just slides of everything it touches

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