Fun Science with Professor Boffin – Experiment of the Month – May 2011

This month Professor Boffin shows you how to make that old favourite – Elephant’s Toothpaste, just using simple ingredients from the chemist and grocery shop…


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  1. Annoytanor says:

    He’s my old teacher lol also he doesn’t know which one lolololololol

  2. Hannah Cheshire says:

    He taught us

  3. noobifire says:

    SIR BOFFIN was my science teacher :P

  4. Loz Jax says:

    Hey cool vid Prof Boff, cornflour on a speaker is my fave sciency vid bet
    you could do it better, (“,) All the best Ribnar .

  5. crazylegsharmandez says:

    anyone get a erection?

  6. IndifferentSky says:

    That was great, thanks so much.

  7. crazylegsharmandez says:

    fap fap fap!

  8. konan4180 says:

    o; hey!! weren’t you on britains got talent? loool helloo! ^^

  9. Beastz X Gaming says:


  10. lalaland says:

    Very sexy man!

  11. geraint ashley says:

    Just watched this with Griff, he loves elephant’s toothpaste!!!

  12. SirSciborg says:

    I remember when he brought a sword into class, whoever finished their
    assignment first got to hold it.

  13. jeffers2012 says:

    same lol

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