Game of Skate

First out of two games of skate at Onondaga Skate Park.


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  1. Nate Silverman says:

    @Skat3rboy95 forced or you get kicked out kinda sucks

  2. cheezseit says:

    yeah where is the game of skate i won i wanna see that one too. plus that
    was a great editing job. nice job man. give urself credit in the end also.

  3. Nate Silverman says:

    Hey arek my bad I will fix it on the second one, and I will post I tomorrow
    I was kinda busy today.

  4. Nate Silverman says:

    @cheezeit I’m uploading the second one now but the new program I’m using
    can upload in hd so it takes longer

  5. Bob l says:

    this is arek: 1. you spelled my name wrong 2. where is the awesome game of
    skate that’s not “warm up” and tht i almost won (2nd place?)

  6. TheMasterNinjaV1000 says:

    erics fat

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