Garage Door Murphy Bed- Tiny Yellow House

Deek takes us into a 68 square foot guest house, and shows us a murphy bed made with parts taken from a garage door. Oh, and of course, plenty of heavy metal…
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  1. Jody Mead says:

    That’s really cool! Everything you need in such a small space. I love your idea behind the bed. Nicely? done!

  2. Melvin Ross says:

    This guy too stupid for me to pay attention to video why waste our time trying to be funny your corny as hell stick to? the basics

  3. Ryan Smith says:

    what are? the coushions you used for the bed

  4. Daniel Fernandez says:

    OVERKILL!!? lml.

  5. zekehooper says:

    Cool bed!

  6. Karen Crosby says:

    oh.my.gawd,u r freaking? adorable,keep the vids coming!

  7. manoman0 says:

    68sqf-yes-house =D?

  8. Poops McGoobie says:

    Nice? vintage metal shirt, Deek.

  9. desertstu says:

    Thanks so much for sharing? your brilliance with us!

  10. Hunter Mann says:

    I love the sunken bath tub in the floor! Indeed, so much of having a functional small house? is that everything needs to have dual function or stow away when not in use, to be worth having. People who live/travel on sailboats have known that for a long time.

  11. Hunter Mann says:

    Great? series Deek!

  12. Avalar3000 says:

    keep it comeing? murphy bed is genius

  13. Mark Harvey says:

    Derek you are? DA MAN! We love your show!!!

  14. imzstudio151 says:

    The garage? door murphy bed is GENIUS!!!

  15. gclaudia1 says:

    I know Deek? does, but I didn’t realize the builder did as well. I’ll definitely pick it up, he’s very creative!

  16. acefrapple says:

    He does have a book. . .?

  17. gclaudia1 says:

    Pure genius, especially the garage door bed. I? hope the builder writes his own book, because this tiny space is full of great ideas.

  18. samuel sammal says:

    wow this thing? is tiny

  19. lumpofbubbles8042 says:

    1:02? if you want to skip the intro.

  20. 1003Alfred says:

    …..Mr? castle?

  21. flukeycircle says:

    that’s pretty morbid…?

  22. Freeknowledgefan says:

    I love tiny house people, all of them real individualists but Deek is in a class? by himself.

  23. benbag says:

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  24. CORRIGEEN71 says:

    very cool nice work derek?

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