GIMIK ZOOLOGY acoustic version

with paintings made by artist Bren Bataclan as background pictures.. pls do visit www.bataclan.com for more info.. go PINOY! =D.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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  1. qforvanne27 says:

    Aug. 21 – happy birthday tta loompya! =D luv lots, Q!

  2. qforvanne27 says:

    Oct. 25 – happy birthday tta linda! =D

  3. pedz86 says:

    astig ung song cnu nkakaalm ng chords n2@@ hehhee pa post naman

  4. qforvanne27 says:

    Aug 14 – happy birthday tta babes! =D luv lots, Q!

  5. qforvanne27 says:

    Sept. 21 – happy birthday ate mariecel! =D luv lots, Q!

  6. qforvanne27 says:

    Nov. 04 – happy birthday Kai2x! =D luv lots, Julie (hehe)

  7. qforvanne27 says:

    Oct. 31 – happy birthday Jdiva! =D luv lots, Q!

  8. qforvanne27 says:

    Oct. 18 – happy birthday tta mayette! =D luv lots, Q!

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