Good Times from Late Night with Cry and Minx

http://www.twitch.tv/cryaotic Featuring: Russ, Jund, Sp00n, and Minx. Game: Payday 2 Beta Have a beta key 30QY2-IXL39-MDYD7 Sp00n takes Russ, Jund and I on a…
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  1. hsp gamer says:

    Cry and Minx would be soooo cute together!!!!! ^_^ ??

  2. Erik Echevarria says:

    funny how sp00n knows the ingriedients to meth?

  3. Bethany Sparkles says:

    Guy : cuz we’re meth Cry : I hope someone doesn’t smoke me! LOL?

  4. Ayanna Perez says:

    “How do you use meth exactly?”
    Answer: it’s snorted/sniffed
    P.s. Don’t ask how I know•-•?

  5. Shay Sweet says:

    Heh he hahaahahahahahahahah that’s a bad idea?

  6. Bethany Sparkles says:

    Cry : Shit why are they here??

  7. Hina W says:


    LITERALLY 300000% DONE?

  8. isis mitchell says:

    Lol Cry leaves people but then feels bad then he goes back to funny XD?

  9. Connor Byers says:

    The uncontrolable panic in the guys voice when they mess up the meth cook
    (I dont know who it is) is just to much for me every time. 3:12 I just cant
    handle it. XD?

  10. AnAngelsChild says:

    Cry and Minx…. I wonder what it would be like if they we’re dating????

  11. Kelathi Play says:

    When you all missed throwing in your bags…I laughed sooooo hard XD?

  12. Mad Meow says:

    I’m probably just missing something obvious, but why does this look like
    almost the exact same engine for Left 4 Dead??

  13. The0P3N says:

    Next to Cry, Minx has the best laughs!?

  14. Skylark Stark says:

    “This is 100% pure crystal”
    I legitimately thought that was an audio clip.?

  15. Misaki Chan says:

    I-I like Cry/Minx too… But Minx is a lesbian..?

  16. Jessica Parker says:

    The Sad Thing Is,Is That Cry’s Voice Does Sound Like A Drug Dealer’s Voice
    Would Sound Like ._.?

  17. Anton Håkansson says:

    Oh. My. God! The reason why Cry does not want to reveal him self is because
    he is acctually the famous actor aaron paul, AKA. Jesse Pinkman, that is
    the only way that impression can be so perfect!!!!!?

  18. AmericanoLove says:

    Cry: we should have bought it from the store
    Some guy idk who: what are we gonna f**king buy meth at?!?!
    Cry: Publix back alley
    Me: *laughing* true?

  19. Ryan M. says:

    Cry’s Laugh!!! ( : Xd!!!?

  20. Steven Perkins says:

    21:16 spoon : don’t shoot me I’m innocent. Me : this isn’t TTT spOOn!?

  21. paradox clawz says:

    I love this game, you guys gotta get together to do this game again for a
    Livestream idea.?

  22. Julia Gambardella says:


  23. Theresa Weinman says:

    Its sad that you know how to work utube while your drunck?

  24. Katja Bak says:

    Oh, this is hilarious!?

  25. Dean Williams says:


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