Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) – Kifflom! Trophy / Achievement Guide (The Truth Walkthrough)

Complete your path to enlightenment… or not. [Silver / 30G] This can only be done while playing as Michael! The Epsilon quest line is the most time consumi…


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  1. xplodax says:

    You should’ve included the phone call just after getting the 2.1 million
    dollars. Cris phones Michael, calling him a “traitorous fucker” and a
    son-of-a-bitch. Hahahah he was so mad!!!?

  2. TypicalBlaze says:

    How many miles on 17??

  3. foxriders917 says:

    Awesome thnxx!?

  4. Kakashi Hatake says:

    Kifflom ?

  5. Kyle Kortland says:

    Still can’t get the 8th step to show up :(?

  6. 2003knuckles says:

    Do you have to wear the robe for 10 real days or 10 gta days?

  7. xXParanormalStarsXx says:

    If it takes a while for the mission logo to pop up, kill your self ( in
    game ). It speeds up the time alot ;)

  8. DanMetalHead1 says:

    Fuck those wierdos. I ran off with the unique tailgater and the $2.1m.?

  9. Catcha2599 says:

    +PowerPyx +Jamie randviir I got to 4.7 miles in the desert, then Cris
    called and said something like “Just run one more mile” so I got to 5
    miles, I didn’t get another call from him, and the miles ran counter
    doesn’t go higher than 5 (I was going to go to 5.7 miles if possible) Any
    advice? I really don’t want to run another 5 effing miles, thanks. ?

  10. Zach Byam says:

    Does it have to be at night??

  11. Jamie randviir says:

    Thx to you, I’m 21 million dollars more richer :)

  12. Hector Castellanos says:

    the final fuckin mission?

  13. Philip Coggin says:

    Where does the counter for how many days I’ve worn the robes show up? I’m
    wearing them and I haven’t gotten one, despite sleeping many days now…?

  14. imDANNNj says:


  15. ihshaan asad says:

    i bought the robes still havent got it?

  16. Evan Sparks says:

    I cannot get step 16’s symbol to pop up. I’ve slept another 40-50 times and
    still no symbol to meet in the desert. Any help will be much appreciated.?

  17. Andre Melancia says:

    What append to michel??

  18. Michael Bowers says:

    Kifflom brother brother?

  19. David Hare says:

    Shit vid show the website next time ?

  20. Kevin Tran says:

    Ecto baby sitter when u meet them at the ending if u want the money back u
    have to explode the helicopter and kill the epsilon people and lose the

  21. TheAhmet15 says:

    I donated the 500 and it still hasn’t shown that?

  22. Balay M. says:

    Is it possible to do the kifflom mission without 100%????

  23. adnan almahfood says:


  24. Nicole J says:

    after 2 miles i wandered like 2 steps out of the zone and it made me start
    over. dumbest fucking mission.?

  25. karleil says:

    hey i have a problem i don’t recieve any email attached any help??

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