“Help! The Snooze Button!”

http://www.happiness-project.com Since I’ve started my Happiness Project, I’ve become more and more convinced that sleep is vital to happiness and energy. (H…
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  1. Aurora Mirabella says:

    sleep is vital to happiness and energy?

  2. SmeadOrganomics says:

    Thanks for the video! And great reminder:)

  3. Orla Sheridan says:

    thank you

  4. Iriss O'Quinn says:

    Gretchen! Your back! This video is just in time for summer classes, thanks

  5. Sharon Tucker says:

    Oh, I know this pigeon very well. I have this same bad habit and it’s
    driving me crazy too. I will try your suggestions but my issue is more
    about will power…even if I move the alarm clock I will get up, hit the
    snooze button and then crawl back into bed. It’s maddening and I’m my own
    worst enemy.

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