How Compost & Worm Castings are Made with Food Scraps & Wood Chips

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ goes on a field trip to Veteran Compost outside Baltimore, Maryland to share with you how compost and worm castin…


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  1. mark31069s says:

    Thanks for this info!?

  2. sfchemist says:

    Great Video John…thank you very much. As a veteran I really appreciate
    the efforts of Veteran Compost. I logged onto their excellent website and
    have already found a product or two that I’ll be ordering. They have a
    very easy to use website full of great products…give them a look. ?

  3. Denisehealthnut says:

    Ay! I strongly encourage you to use gloves. You just touched garbage with
    your bare hands, compost material or not, tsk tsk tsk. You don’t know the
    people this “garbage/compost material” is coming from. Thank you for the
    video, I learned a lot.?

  4. pierre roy says:

    talk less a show more pictures ?

  5. J Bradbury says:

    John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ goes on a field trip to Veteran
    Compost outside Baltimore, Maryland to share with you how compost and worm
    castings are made on an industrial scale. In this episode you will learn
    about the essential components of creating your own compost at home or on
    an industrial scale.?

  6. Hunter Hill Homestead says:

    What a GREAT business idea for an urban homestead!?

  7. wattsecond says:

    I live in the area and bought a set up worm bin form Veterans and was very
    happy my bin. Thank you John for doing a video on these guys it is my go to
    place for compost.?

  8. Teron Gorefiend says:

    That Funny Bug Climbing at the compost pile lol ?

  9. BloKK187 says:

    YEP. looks like Humongus Maggot ^_^

  10. dictionaryzzz says:

    I ordered a pound of worms from this company after watching this
    video…they came in the mail a few days ago….they are healthy and very
    active….thanks John and Veteran Compost

  11. Stephen Legaree says:

    I inadvertently set my composting up to really pick up vermiculite :)

  12. Stephen Legaree says:

    This is a great concept. My city and the surrounding cities are big on
    composting !! I have mine set up to bring te worms in! They do it so well
    :) I was able even to start rebuilding my soil using this method

  13. Gerald Will says:

    no, what?

  14. Gerald Will says:

    Hallo, du machst einen tollen Job. Weiter so, verbreite deine Message!

  15. Bobbi F says:

    I have several cats and it bothers me that there doesn’t seem to be a green
    way of dealing with the used litter. Any suggestions in choice of litter
    and / or composting techniques? I would use it only for non-food gardening
    just to be safe.

  16. As you sow, so shall you reap says:

    I’m in a bit of a drought right now, can I use salt water to compost?

  17. Joseph McLean says:

    It’s nice to see John’s been visiting my area. I’ve bought worms and
    compost from these guys and was very happy. The number of worms was very
    generous and the compost was as good as I’ve seen anywhere. Thanks John and
    Veteran Compost!!

  18. StreamingFreestyle says:

    Ah, thanks! Yeah, MoCo is crazy expensive and, while I haven’t looked into
    it, I imagine there are a number of building codes that wouldn’t allow the
    type of home I want to build. Like I said, I know a couple who’s making it
    work in Kensington, though. Haven’t thought about looking in PG, though,
    I’ll look into it. I’ve also started looking in NoVa. We’ll see…I gotta
    get the money first, lol.

  19. MrJMarcin77 says:

    I found an acre just East of DC in PG County. It was a LOT less expensive
    than Montgomery County. I drive to work in about 40 min. or by metro from
    New Carrolton in about 50 min. I am a mile outside the Beltway. If I had to
    do it again, I would look a couple miles further. A mile is not quite far
    enough from the noise depending on how the wind is blowing.

  20. Daytona hicks says:

    anyone else notice the giant white grub trying to get up the hill? 12:50 –
    15:40 .. poor thing didn’t get very far..

  21. Pamela Pollock says:

    way to go john and jason! great video!

  22. dictionaryzzz says:

    too much food will make the worms want to leave…they will be crawling up
    the sides of your container wanting to get out. Also it is not recommended
    to use a tall container because there is less surface area for heat to
    dissipate….worms need a long container because they like to be cool not

  23. StreamingFreestyle says:

    Hey, Jason, where in MD are you? I’m hoping to buy some land in the next
    couple years where I can do a whole permaculture/food forest/homestead set
    up but that’s not too far from the city. I know a couple who have something
    going near Kensington but they’ve been hassled a bit about their compost
    pile. :/

  24. Jason M says:

    facebook/marcinkoski. Now you can find me. Also have some mushroom logs-
    just harvested some Shitakes.

  25. Donald Kosse says:

    hi hear is question I think of start a worm farm using 5 gal pails in the
    feeding pail when the worm have eat the first 3” why don’t you just put
    3more inch on top of what they all ready have eating and so on and so on
    until the pail is full instead of change ever time thy have eating 3=4 in

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