How Low vs. Walking On A Dream (W.T.C.C. REMIX)

LIKE me on Facebook: http://facebook.com/wastetimechasingcars Here is the music video to my remix of Ludacris’ How Low and Empire of the Sun’s Walking On A D…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. Lisa Murillo says:

    you changed bro.?

  2. Arthur Castro says:

    Oh I miss Mac so bad : (?

  3. babyteph says:

    i used to love this video omfg memories?

  4. TheMilly009 says:

    Hope you’re doing well wherever you areeeeee

  5. iTNGHT says:

    Oh mac, you make me swoon.

  6. jack johnston says:


  7. Matic Jevšnik says:

    miss you mate :(

  8. claire leaps says:

    Thumbs up if you’re still listening to this in 2013

  9. Emily mckeever says:

    So, You Are Probably One Of The Most Attractive Guys Ever. Swing By

  10. Karim Lasri says:

    Such a good track! If you liked it you’ll love my remix of “Walking On A
    Dream”! Check it out on my channel, and like this comment if you enjoy it :)

  11. Mustafa Ahmed says:

    good job man

  12. Ginah2014 says:

    Mac. why’re you so damn handsome? Omfg.

  13. Funnyx3gurl says:


  14. Timmelement says:

    Kanister Kopf <3 :D

  15. Caitlyn landers says:


  16. 1295candi says:

    gosh i remember when this video first came out<3 :3

  17. mama dickcord says:

    Had to watch this. I love Mac <3

  18. dudeslatton says:


  19. firefackers says:

    he can definitely make my bed rock…

  20. Denyce111 says:

    Nah, thumbs up if you’re still listening to this in 2013! ;]

  21. Nini Soto says:

    mac can make my bedrock any day!!! :p

  22. Turkey2224 says:

    @eriicaaxoo what purevolume?

  23. TalkingUnicorn12 says:

    This is better than the original,

  24. Natalie Cathcart says:

    this song literally will never ever get old. just sooo good :) i love you
    Mac! <3

  25. Nikatronixx says:

    i have a feeling that you know just how damn sexy you arre!

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