How To Make A Diaper Stroller

I also made a stroller with REUSABLE diapers: http://youtu.be/GSI66-ytawY The cutest creation for a baby shower! Easy to follow steps to make a diaper stroll…
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  1. Christa Swope says:

    BEST BABY SHOWER IDEA! http://www.squidoo.com/karaoke-baby-shower?

  2. mischa adkins says:

    That’s cute?

  3. mita Duran says:


  4. Jada gardner says:


  5. ruth claudio says:

    I love the idea but I don’t understand why use hot glue and ruin perfectly
    good diapers… I thought the whole point was to gift diapers in a
    beautiful arrangement?

  6. lisa olguin says:

    Love it?

  7. Yudy Cespedes says:

    preciosos video muy practico

  8. Patricia Brasil says:

    adorei vou fazer para vende

  9. kassummi says:

    I love everything you make, but, I do NOT understand why you glue all the
    diapers all the time, I have made this proyet and so many other without
    wasting them. Please pleas, I love you, pleas don’t glue them.

  10. Heathers Hobby says:

    hey its me heather.. Im just replying from my other channel.. I also made a
    stroller with REUSABLE diapers.. its BLUE ,, you may see it in your search
    for a diaper stroller on youtube. This pink stroller that your concerned
    about the wasted diapers was also a toy for my grandbaby too :)

  11. G Silva says:


  12. Nikki Wade says:

    Use tape my aunt does and just use rubber bands you dont have to use glue

  13. Daniela Oliveira says:

    não gostei o trabalho na minha opinião ficou mal acabado

  14. Shanay Duncan says:

    I wouldn’t mine getting all those diapers right now..

  15. KimberlysJourney2 says:

    Another idea is you can add more diapers to center in replace of baby and
    throw in travel size baby items such as toys, lotion, body wash, you could
    even used a cute stuffed animal instead of a baby if its for a boy or be
    gender neutral.

  16. alex kidd says:

    what if she was having a son it is to feminine

  17. OhJay says:

    Instead of using glue for the wheels, use a rubber band to hold the diaper
    in shape and over the rubber band put a ribbon. Then you can use

  18. The16Cowgirl says:

    this idea is worth the watch bc it helped me make one for a friend and she

  19. Fatimah Patel says:

    This is good for a baby shoqer

  20. 0GirlRock says:

    then place two double sided tape on each end of the diaper to stick them
    against the box (if you find a rubber band large enough to wrap the box it
    would be awesome) and use the ribbon to reinforce the diapers. Keep up the
    good work! That was long! lol


    hola soy de mexico me gusto mucho la carreola pero si me podrias decir el
    material en espaniol por favor

  22. Kat K says:

    It looks really nice. But its a waste. And there are tons of ideas for
    things that would make a nice centerpiece of decoration and would still be
    usefull. I think most young families would be happy if they could reuse the
    diapers. So why waste them?!

  23. esthermata699 says:

    How fun

  24. Benjamin Guyet says:

    I will buy one for you

  25. Denis Stepaniuk says:

    ?? ????? ??????? ?????? ??? ???????

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