How to Make a Doll Bed: Easy

by request: You asked how we make our beds.. well, here are our insider doll photography tips.


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  1. Chubbie Piggies says:

    You cheater jk teheeee

  2. cassandra hillier says:

    i love all ur vids froggy!! (???) how do you make there?? your amazing
    froggy! (????)?*:???(???) (??_?)?

  3. Saydesaydolls says:

    Hello everyone check out my dollhouse, it’s unbelievable!

  4. boldmaa badamdorj says:

    But how can we make the blanket

  5. Marko Cajkovski says:

    Ok. I am terribly envious of my nephew these days. He’s actually been alone
    permanently. By some luck, he has got a model to deeply love him in no
    time. How is that actually manageable? He told me he used the Cupid Love
    System (Google it!) I wish someone wonderful said that to me… I don’t
    remember ever previously seeing him so cheerful. Sort of makes me feel bad.

  6. MyMonkey AGz says:

    I did the bed for my Barbie I just added a headboard

  7. AmericanGirlcat says:

    How do u make one for American girl dolls

  8. Danaya Harutyunyan says:

    Were do do you get bedding

  9. Rokia Milz Juliette says:

    is Easy

  10. ?????? ???????????? says:

    ?? ?? ??

  11. Kaylee Shackleford says:

    twin sized bed’s are longer and thinner not shorter.

  12. Krystal Dao says:

    Can it be like a SMALLER bed?

  13. Morgan Cutting says:

    that is to easy.

  14. Chloe Jochman says:

    where do u put all ur crafts

  15. Leah Patterson says:

    I just love watching your videos.

  16. Ashlyn Plyler says:

    Are you able to lower the price on the bed set please because you made it
    on my bday thx!!!

  17. Dominyka Griciute says:

    thanks i now how to make a bed

  18. Zaina Algalad says:

    u rock!!!

  19. johan pichardo says:

    She is the best

  20. nougat111 says:

    Did u do that?

  21. Lianna Mittz says:

    you’re the best froggy stuff

  22. Koala N. says:

    This was my first myfroggystuff vid… after watching this I was hooked!

  23. Dariya Ibraim says:

    froggy:”i use these for beds” me:”i thought i was the only one”

  24. Aleccia Ottinger says:

    this was the first video from myfroggystuff i saw

  25. takeilaturner says:

    I love how you make all your stuff I wish I can do it

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