How to Make a Rag Rug

I have made this video to show you how easy it is to make a jazzy looking rug. I can be used as a rug in the bathroom, bedroom or living room or can be used …
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  1. Pamela McClam says:

    Very Very nice. I am going to try to do this for my bathroom..?

  2. Amanda Walter says:

    It’s gorgeous! I’m going to attempt to make a solid purple one for my
    daughter’s nursery…I have a few months left until she is born so I
    figured I could work on it while my one year old is asleep at night! ?

  3. Alicia Brooks says:

    That is beautiful.
    I had seen the rag rugs you tie
    Think I like this way better:)?

  4. LangBellsChannel says:

    How did you do the center??

  5. chelsea welch says:

    This is amazing and a great mother and daughter activity

  6. LangBellsChannel says:

    It scares me how close your fingers are that needle! It scared me so much I
    can’t help but to keep making faces I couldn’t making these faces. 8O ^O^?

  7. Taylor31218 says:

    Love Love Love it..thank you so much for the idea?

  8. violetgypsie says:

    Really nice! I would have laid the strips so the long edges were facing
    away from sewing machine, that way they would not get caught in the presser
    foot. Or in other words, the way you laid out the fabric strips, turn the
    towel around and then sew it up, the strips will lie flat and slide under
    the presser foot.

  9. Lolly Whitaker says:

    fascinating … total surprise using a towel.. and yes takes lots of
    patience but very very rewarding… would cost a fortune to buy this in a
    store! well done..

  10. Sandi Beach says:

    Shelley: I love your videos. I want to make this rug with strips of old
    jeans instead of jersey fabric. I wonder if it will look as good as the
    jersey fabric?

  11. Renee Shaw says:

    Have made a rug using your video.Easy as.Thankyou

  12. Shelley Nichol says:

    Gracias por tu comentario. Espero que se las arregló para que su ok

  13. maria01977 says:

    Hola! Si añades las tiras por debajo de la anterior… la máquina las
    cogerá mejor porque las irá “peinando” y no “despeinando”. Me ha dado
    angustia ver cómo tenías que sujetarlas una por una porque se enganchaban
    al prénsatelas…

  14. Fiona Trush says:

    Cool Pom Pom rug!!!

  15. lullabell1976 . says:

    This is a great alternative to crocheting a rag rug. I will definitely be
    trying this, as I do not crochet. Thanks for the great idea!

  16. Rashunda Porter says:

    I loved it, I’ll be trying it myself.

  17. Shelley Nichol says:

    Hi Danny, I originally said to leave an inch between each row but they
    gradually got closer. So to get a nice full effect, sew each row 1 cm
    apart. :)

  18. danny gumpenberger says:

    I like your rug, I must try this myself! Thanks for sharing.

  19. danny gumpenberger says:

    I do wish you would have showed how you did the second row so we would know
    how close you put them. Thanks .

  20. Charlee Cornish says:

    Instead of struggling to hold all the pieces down and having to keep
    lifting the machine foot, try pinning the pieces all the way down and then
    sewing from the other end, so that the over laps run in the same direction
    as the machine. It will be much easier and quicker, as the foot will
    automatically hold the pieces in place for you.

  21. Shelley Nichol says:

    Thanks Lisa, I wondered why that was, I only know the basic on the sewing
    machine. :)

  22. Lisa Northrup says:

    Like the idea but suggest you adjust your machine where pressure on pressed
    foot is lighter or better yet use a “walking foot.” This foot is usually
    used when working on many layers or for quilting. Your machine sounds very
    strained by the load it is under. Thanks for the idea!

  23. ramona medina says:

    awesome !! i’ll will try it maybe in yellow n some terracota its like
    aneutral peach. thanks for sharing !!

  24. Shelley Nichol says:

    Thanks guys, glad you like the video

  25. Corgi Feet says:

    How does it hold up to washing?

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