How To Make A Worm Bed Cheap

Im going to grow my own fishing worms, red wigglers. *UPDATE* Dont use citrus or other acidic foods.
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  1. PETEYPABLO1977 says:

    Is this guy hyper or what!??!??

  2. yes350yes says:

    To anyone that serious about making compost for a while yes they need air ,
    moisture, and food. The bedding does make some food. Without air the worms
    will either come out or die. This person didnt add an ounce of moisture the
    worms will die. A true disaster.

  3. Inky Inferno says:


  4. ctfcNIG says:

    My worm farms doing crap, maybe I should just suffocate them or feed them
    ink if this bin worked out

  5. MrPudnTang says:

    LOL hehehe Informative and funny as hell

  6. noyzizi says:

    I like your zero bullshit policy when responding to questions lol.

  7. timtusphil1 says:

    My 3 sons just cracked up when you said the “s” word haha

  8. RichGaming9 says:

    Will this work in a bath tub?

  9. Rednecks Gone Wild says:

    im in florida , i dont know.

  10. steel house says:

    what happens to the worm farm in the winter-time? can it withstand freezing?

  11. tusken088 says:

    excuse me but I am not a worm expert doesnt every living thing (that moves,
    eats, reproduces etc) need air. you CANNOT just close that plastic
    container and expect them to live. Drill a few holes for air

  12. Bill Bailey says:

    Yes Worms need air. Most barrels or other large Worm Composter have Small
    Ventilation Holes drilled in them. So Worms are Aerobic (Need Oxygen), if
    they did not need Oxygen they would be Anaerobic (Non-Oxygen Organisms).
    They get Oxygen from Scrapes and the areas in the ground around scraps
    holding the Oxygen. Worms come out at night to move around for new
    Locations, Food Sources, and Air. If the Worm bin gets too full of water
    the worms drowned, just like when fishing with them.

  13. Rednecks Gone Wild says:


  14. Ben Garwood says:

    Banana peels sometimes have pesticides on them if bought from a market so
    those should not be put in a worm compost….

  15. mochetta613 says:

    Do they need air??

  16. SuperSillyface3 says:

    lol as do we! wow dont know what to think about that lol creepy!

  17. warywolfen says:

    Back in the 70’s, utilizing worms as food for humans was quite a fad. I
    remember “worm cook-offs” and recipe competitions. It never caught on…
    Aside from the fact that most people would never eat them, do you know why
    worms were never commercially exploited as a food source? Because (I’m
    serious!) no one developed a cost effective way to gut the little buggers
    on a large scale!

  18. Rednecks Gone Wild says:

    90 day i was told

  19. micmoable says:

    good video—I’ve been thinking of making my own worm bed–my granddaddy
    made two beds with brick walls and a concrete floor—the beds are about 12
    feet long and 4 feet wide –walls are about 18 inches high of bricks laid
    like house bricks and beds are probably about 14 inches deep in ground.
    Plenty of worms in both beds and I get some to fish with sometimes but I’d
    like a smaller bed for myself and I wouldn’t need to ask my cousin for
    his(Granddaddy passed away so cousin tends beds now).

  20. JayzPF says:

    *evil chuckle*

  21. oph5pr1n6 says:

    How long does it take for them to start reproducing, and when can you start
    using them to fish with?

  22. Saeid Momtahan says:


  23. dkmorbid otaku says:

    i think that half of them worms were dead :(

  24. MrJinken65 says:

    can you just lock the lid on that (for lets say 2-3 weeks at a time) or
    would a guy have to poke holes in the top?

  25. Rednecks Gone Wild says:


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