How To Make an Urban Tote Out of Waste Fabric with apliiq : Your Daily Thread

This week, Tracy partners with Ethan Lipstiz of http://www.apliiq.com to show you how to create urban totes out of waste fabrics. Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle! Sp…


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  1. Moorbi says:

    What can we do to reduce the waste generated in the design industry? Help
    us & share #ninjapenguinforgreen ?

  2. Rocker02080 says:

    No offence to all the new people trying to make it here…but there is too
    much crap then actual DIY. I mean in the last videos there wasn’t even
    basic measurements… Its like they got rid of the actual good people and
    gave us inexperienced people that need a lot more time before they even
    think about being a threadbanger host.

  3. neddie58 says:

    very cool

  4. Sarah Kitty Kim says:

    Shes just standing there smiling >.>

  5. Kales134 says:

    This is not Thread Banger worthy

  6. smileykat says:

    I’m sorry but this gurl has such an annoying fake smile

  7. Nicole de Silva says:


  8. Mynameisrachellee says:

    @MyTastyPaintBrush all i saw was blah blah CRAZY SMILE blah blah CRAZY
    SMILE etc etc etc

  9. cuntagious1 says:

    this is stupid. Threadbanger is dead. R.I.P. Bring back Rob and Corinne and
    the GOOD tutorials!

  10. samalopagus says:

    It was amazing!….ly bad. i’m all for eco friendly, but thread banger is
    getting a little ridiculous. challenge us, we’re not four.

  11. ROZG1 says:

    I think that Threadbanger should be about the Threadbanger community and
    show viewer submissions. Whose with me?

  12. Vanilla1tsp says:

    On the TB level of difficulty put this one at “my 5 year old can do it.” I
    give kudos for trying to bring in the secondhand fabric motto TB lives by,
    however this project had nothing unique or challenging. She should start
    with something like that basic bag and then say here’s where your style
    comes in and SHOW some actual flair!! The hostess is like a bubble- shiny
    and pretty but full of nothing.

  13. Whitney Sews says:

    To lame and easy to be on threadbanger…

  14. lillagah says:

    better ideas or gtfo. seriously. and where the heck is the threadbanger
    scissors thing?! come on!!!!!!

  15. Luiza Couto says:

    Why does she smiles during the whole video?

  16. TheStrangerDied says:

    What’s with the creepy smiles?

  17. hitomimelissasaccoun says:

    I can’t believe this video, seriously, Threadbanger used to be a lot more
    than this!!

  18. smith white says:

    the smiling was really creepy

  19. OMFGitsmaggie says:

    That’s cute. c:

  20. 1435kimmi says:

    Give her a chance yea I admit the smile is creepy but she is trying and not
    everyone is great at sewing.This is a new chapter and we will never get
    back the amazing show that was before we will just have to grow with the

  21. Kassy Rose says:

    what happend to the past hosts of threadbanger?? the guy and the girl with
    the high cheekbones?? are they coming bak??

  22. loyal2laughter says:

    The beginning of this video is ridiculous to say the least. Lol.

  23. llUnderscorell says:

    1:37 the smiling part isn’t really necessary for the video, is it? :P

  24. vivianvortecksx says:

    That chick smiles a lot.

  25. Danielle Caponpon says:

    It was a good idea for reusable bags, but can we get something more
    challenging or different next time. I feel like the show is becoming like
    all the other tutorials on youtube. make it exciting or something that
    could be challenging next time? I have hope the TB team can make this great
    in their own way.

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