How to make custom lamp shade – with cheap waste basket; ?????

Here is a cheap way to make a trendy lamp shade, with waste basket. All u need is a waste basket, light bulb, bulb holder w/ wire, and a drill with 7mm drill…
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  1. Yookin Tryta says:

    don’t put this in your bedroom… there isn’t a woman alive that wants to look jaundiced in the bedroom Consider the color of light that will filter thru and choose wisely.. green yellow blue.. NO. nice warm colors,? pinks, peach, even orangy-pink or red is much more flattering.. just sayin

  2. Isolde' baldonadi says:


  3. Karen Pennington says:

    That is great.? Thanks for the video…

  4. Nalee Vang says:

    you have very strong sexy hands! and thank you for the? idea! love it!

  5. pelican9983 says:

    hi,may i know whn u attach the? wire to the socket is it need to follow the colour or how?

  6. rain bow says:

    cool i like it all i have? just to decoration the lamp

  7. kingDIY says:

    You cn? hang it on the ceiling, with a hook or “U” shape nail.
    If concrete ceiling, you need to drill a hole so that the hook can be screw on.

  8. rmcjlive63 says:

    how? and where do you hang it

  9. kingDIY says:

    Welcome! I am glad that my idea work? out for you.

  10. natashaservo says:


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