How to Make Your Own Worm Bin

Watch this step by step video on setting up an indoor worm bin for your kitchen scraps. You will be able to raise worms, keep your kitchen scraps out of the …
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  1. UnnecessaryMountain says:

    Lead has not been used in the inks used on newspapers since as late as
    1972. Modern inks are based on some soybean product. It is entirely
    biodegradable, and newspaper, etc, has been independently tested by the
    folks at Mother Earth News for use ins gardens and worm bins, etc.
    Most soybeans now are GMO products, (about 95% of all that are grown…)
    but at least the worms and microbes in the soil can break them down.?

  2. David Czaster says:

    Knee pads just what she needs?

  3. patoDanton says:

    Tiger worms are better than red wrigglers

  4. yes350yes says:

    Hey garden girl cutie– the holes and cardboard are a good first step but
    you should add either coir or peat moss and then use the newspaper as a
    cover for the worms and food to help keep flies gnats etc out. Otherwise
    nice vid.

  5. 749zen says:

    Except it’s not racist because she indeed looks like Janet Jackson, retard.

  6. Si Mone says:

    Uses the word, “Also” too much…

  7. Si Mone says:

    That’s a totally stupid racist comment. How would you like it if every time
    I saw a white person doing something interesting (yeah I know I know black
    people don’t do ANYTHING interesting, we only shoot each other, make babies
    and do drugs, right? Riiiiight….) I said, “Look, there’s Superman at it
    again!” You act like you have never seen a black person which makes you
    look not only ignorant, but slightly retarded. Is that drool dripping from
    the side of your mouth??

  8. Laura Ferraro says:

    I was so scared but intrigued to try this. Plus, I always wondered what
    type of worms to use! Thank you! How moist should we keep them? My I
    usually keep my plants soil moist to the touch but not spongy…more like,
    after ringing the dish sponge feel. Would that be okay for the worms? How
    did you research the worms before trying this project?

  9. bpraag says:

    Very sexy worm lady thank you

  10. Redgie Hari says:

    I like worms too!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sedrika Anuhealii says:

    This might be helpful.?

  12. Oliver White says:

    @Santori For the past few months I’ve been out there in the trenches
    interviewing 5 of the worlds leading worm composting experts – asking them
    to reveal their most intimate worm composting business operations &
    techniques – so all of my fellow worm composting comrades could follow
    along, learn their methods and mimic their successes… Go here ==>

  13. Paul Pellicci says:

    When you harvest the worm’s product what and how do you deal with the worms?

  14. TheFrogTank says:

    did not realize this was rocket science

  15. Zoeonthe Go says:

    Does it smell?

  16. Rinne13X says:

    actually, they can’t break down on landfills

  17. billy smith says:

    Are you serious? All she said was help your environment by keeping
    biodegradable materials out of the landfill. Since mostly everything in a
    landfill is non-biodegradable, it would not make much sense to mix
    non-biodegradable materials with biodegradable materials. Get it, or is
    that too much for you? Landfills are just the surface problem. Lets get to
    the root of the problem. People like you. Why cant people like you keep
    you’re over opinionated mouths shut?

  18. Tim Halcomb says:

    If they can’t feel pain, then why do they jerk when someone sticks them
    with a fish hook? Or at least they look like they are. But, if I’m wrong,
    that’s awesome but I hope you can lead me to more information about this. I
    really feel sorry for anything that has to suffer on this planet. From the
    heart, from most intelligent to the least and I am for looking for
    solutions to stop that. I’m a peace and love kind of guy and promote love
    without torment.

  19. elephantbooger says:

    idk about this but isnt the lead on the newspaper poisonous and bad and
    stuff? lol. but that was cool.

  20. cgwhitter says:


  21. Tbarnby says:

    The worms who live on the right side of my bins allseem to prefer the Wall
    Street Journal. The worms on the left side prefer the Washington Post.

  22. MsWaxqueen says:

    I just dont know why you have to do this. I put all my veggie kitchen
    scraps right into my garden. Dig a hole, insert and in 2 weeks its all
    gone, eaten up by my worms. I have the healthiest garden on the planet. My
    worms are so happy! and my veggies are so rich! All natural, no worm beds!

  23. Cody England says:

    awesome video!

  24. wanderer1031 says:

    i’m not too upset about seeing her face instead of some rotting food. i can
    figure that part out. here the secret-it’s not rocket science!

  25. OccupyPsyche says:

    @Cuter1995 It is so not weird..you must live some sheltered life in a box

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