How to waste time !! Biddu uncle

Do you know how to waste others time? If not, watch this video & get to know it yourself. To watch more log on to http://www.youtube.com/gauravgeratv For mor…
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  1. greenpinetrees says:

    Hey Gaurav, why did u remove ur recent video? Anycase, this wud be my
    response to it: ‘life nahi hai ladoo’.. lol!

  2. Gaurav Gera Official says:

    @uruhershey hehehhehe :P

  3. toyfield1 says:

    LOL!!! xD gr8 i just wasted my time! :P loved ur laugh in the end… :D

  4. Gaurav Gera Official says:

    @toyfield1 he heh eh :P

  5. Atul Dhyani says:

    @gauravgeratv i like ur laugh 0:21 bhoot funny hai

  6. ThisIsMekki says:

    youve created an amazing channel :) wow….. :P i like chutki and chutku
    the moost!!! :D

  7. Zahara Hussain says:

    lol , daamnn cute xD good shit :)

  8. greenpinetrees says:

    lol.. epic!

  9. AvelonisCrux says:

    lmao :D .. good one, for a sec i thought he might tell some mantra or
    something and i am waiting …. n waiting… and finally he giggles.. OMG
    that was let down…

  10. Gaurav Gera Official says:

    @greenpinetrees :P :)

  11. evilshreyas says:

    BTW, where did you get those glasses.. They’re awesome.

  12. uruhershey says:

    hahaha… this was AWESOME!!

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