Hydrofrack New York: Fracking 101 and Water Quality

Mike Varley presents “Hydrofracking New York: From One New Yorker to Another,” a six part series investigating the potential pro’s and con’s of drilling for …
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  1. Zach Tele says:

    Thanks but please post your music in 432hz. This is madning.?

  2. yayabrazie says:

    Your a great speaker

  3. trigger44100 says:

    I hope not!

  4. Cubby Vanname says:

    DEC to pass this in NY state.

  5. Cubby Vanname says:

    Please call our congressman at 1-607-654-7566 and ask why he did nothing to
    stop this ? More NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS in the EAST than any where 30 some,Is
    any one worried about a Earth Quake ?,and where dose all this power go ?
    The home of the Great Lakes, Fresh water,the most VALUABLE RESOURCE EVER
    !!!!!!!! Please ask for a Ban on this kind of drilling in NY state.

  6. jlsoldwood says:

    They Even use Radioactive waste Water , From all our Nuke plants- to push
    the gas up! Nothing like Burning radioactive GAS… in our homes!!

  7. Joel Shapiro says:

    For those of you who are already adversely affected by Hydrofracking either
    from a health and/or financial respect – or probably about to be which is
    the case in New York State – perhaps my Hydrofracking Internet profiles
    might help you get “your ducks in a row”; to make immediate salient,
    compelling points in your lawsuit against the Big Gas company who’s damaged
    your life to an extent that really money can’t make whole.
    analyzetheanalysts dot weebly dot com/#HydrofrackingChemicals

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