Ian Barin: Sierra Club’s Best Internship on Earth Video Application 2013

TURN CAPTIONS (CC) ON FOR LYRICS! Enjoy. Original song written and performed by Ian Barin. Song Lyrics: Hello hello hello dear Sierra Club, I’m looking for a…


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  1. Fern Anderson says:

    Love it! I’m charmed by you.

  2. Lenny Andersson says:

    Nice video Ian, you seem to fit in wherever you go!

  3. tkoslov says:


  4. Alyssa Walawender says:

    Can’t. Stop. Watching. So fun!

  5. ChelseaOhAy says:

    So amazing!!!!

  6. Gabrielle Bender says:

    The Sierra Club needs to hire Ian Barin!

  7. madcrazy235 says:

    id hire you!

  8. Alley Wolff says:

    You’re so cool Ian :)

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