In Botany Bay

Hands down the most epic thing my ears have heard. Regarding Botany bay at least ;) Check out these awesome submitters down below! 1st Clip – https://www.you…


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  1. max jenkins says:

    if you disliked this please kill yourself.

  2. Jeff Gonzalez says:

    Pretty sure bots are still a serious problem and never went..

  3. martins fhjdatyuuh says:

    so wr3ck3d???

  4. keazen1 says:

    Yess nice pirate! N e one else notice so wrecked?

  5. FlipsNSkillsRS says:

    0:53 – O.o… Sound like a guy that played EoC and got corrupted by it.
    Poor soul.

  6. RSsirDivine says:

    so wreck3d is a asshole mager

  7. wowm8comon says:

    This reminds me for some reason of a song i used to hear on elementary

  8. john morgan says:

    Tim #1

  9. RunescapeVideos says:

    you should stop bragging mate.. ur rap is good but it isn’t the only goot
    content in the youtubeRS part

  10. Ja3abetmot says:


  11. Lachlanfleming) says:

    botany bay is a place in new south wales australia

  12. Icewave1000 says:

    LOL triple likin this and the real vid

  13. RunescapeVideos says:

    i know, it is good, VERY GOOD. i love it but it sounded kinda weird mate :P
    i’m the dude that talked to u in-game. ur cool and i subbed. let’s forget
    this lol

  14. maso0n says:

    first video is shit

  15. WreckedCannon says:

    LOL @ MOD MARK!! :D:D:D:D

  16. EpicGamer9091 says:

    Tim, can you reply to my comment? It would make my day :)

  17. Mod Mark says:


  18. Sean Martin says:

    “Fuck the money I have rules! No wait… That’s not right” ahh Setto Kiba

  19. diabllo29 says:


  20. 99mage99pk10 says:

    Watda hack tim since when you this became an World of Warcraft channel

  21. Nice Pirate says:

    im a pale mofo, i tried darkening the color of the clip to match mod mark’s
    skin but I suck at editing, and it’s filmed/zoomed with a crappy blackberry
    camera, haha. I’m pretty health-conscious in general :) *pops a breath mint*

  22. wowm8comon says:

    thanks for the heads up. :D

  23. koo2299 says:

    Thats a good fake indian accent.

  24. nzskiing says:

    hi faggot

  25. Jaakko K says:

    the torag guy was spear mac!

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