Inaugural Lecture: Professor Ray Dawson

Professor Ray Dawson from the Department of Computer Science gives his Inaugural Lecture, ‘Being Right is Not Good Enough – Why Knowledge Management Initiati…


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  1. Jassim Alhamar says:

    Dear Prof Ray, I know there seems to be a lot of talk around about
    Knowledge Management, however I must say without a doubt that this is the
    BEST seminar that I have listened to. I really enjoyed the seminar, It has
    give me new direction and purpose.

  2. Ray Dawson says:

    Hope you enjoy the lecture. Unfortunately the first couple of minutes were
    lost because of a faulty microphone, but apart from introducing myself,
    nothing significant was lost. The slides for this presentation are
    available at:
    homepages.lboro.ac.uk/~corjd/Inaugural-lecture-5th-Dec-2012.pdf Regards,
    Ray Dawson

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