Indonesia- Environmentalists Urge for New Laws to Protect Environment

Environmentalists are urging a major review of regulations that protect the forest and environment in Indonesia. Some experts say rapid destruction of rainfo…
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  1. SeppyLingga says:

    Perkembangbiakan terhadap spesies ini harus dilakukan oleh semua orang
    dengan tidak merusak habitat mereka demi mencegah kepunahan atas makhluk
    ciptaan Tuhan.

  2. mramajaya says:

    Hello Indonesian Environmentalists, Merdeka …… Think about the
    advancement needed by our country. How many people will lost their jobs if
    Indonesia Palm Oil industry collaps. Do you know that millions of
    Indonesians are depending their lives on this industry (this includes you
    guys, no more OP plantation, means no more campaigns) The national economy
    will be dragged down and we, Indonesian are going to fall into more serious
    economy crisis. Think about it ……..

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