Installing a new Tub (Tile shower surround setup)

In this video we discuss the preparations for a new “Steel” porcelain glazed tub unit for our bathroom remodeling project. We will be tiling the 3 shower wal…
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  1. fountainpenracing says:

    The videos of the bathroom project are great. Do you have a video on how
    you leveled the bathtub? Do you use a mortar bed etc? Any information
    would be much appreciated as I move forward on my bathroom remodel
    project. ?

  2. Casey Smith says:

    Another awesome tutorial video!

  3. Steve Palmer says:

    Thanks for this one man. Learned a whole bunch of new stuff!

  4. BathroomRemodelVideo says:

    Thanks Casey! We appreciate you stopping by our Bathroom Remodeling
    Training YouTube Channel!~ Eddie

  5. efthimios says:

    Wish you were closer to Stroudsburg PA – I just dont have the time and
    would be interested in installing mine. I could Tile, would just want new
    tub/plumbing complete.

  6. BRICEN18 says:

    hey fellas thanks for all the vids!!! what is the best option for
    tightening the shower head arm without marring the surface?? Subscribed!!!

  7. BRICEN18 says:

    Thanks Eddie

  8. BathroomRemodelVideo says:

    Hello! Well the best way is to use a pair of channel locks once you have
    hand tightened the shower head nipple as far as you can. I like to use a
    well rung-out wet rag wrapped around the nipple to protect the nipple
    finish. I do this as close to the shower wall as I can so any marks that
    might be made with the tools would ultimately be hidden behind the
    scutcheon trim ring! But ultimately… we don’t want any marks at all in
    our new shower head nipple. Try the rag and the channel locks! Eddie

  9. BathroomRemodelVideo says:

    Of course! Total bathroom remodel project took 6 working days to complete.
    Customers are very happy with their new bathroom!?

  10. howardthecpa says:

    Thanks for these, but like others, it would be great to see the rest of the
    install. The format of your videos are easy to follow and don’t rattle off
    information that only other tradesmen would follow. BTW, I saw those tubs
    at HD and see multiple variations. Thanks for posting the brand and type. I
    tore out a deep fiberglass tub because of the spider cracks or whatever you
    called them. I missed the sheetrock vids as well. bummer.

  11. BathroomRemodelVideo says:

    Yes…that is a little out of our service range! But, Thanks for stopping
    by our bathroom remodeling channel! We hope to have around 100 bathroom
    remodeling training videos on the channel by years end. Eddie

  12. BathroomRemodelVideo says:

    Yep we did a few drywall hanging and finishing videos ma while
    back…thanks for watching man! We’re always around if you have any
    questions about these types of home improvement projects! Eddie

  13. Henry Gordon says:

    MAN, you are the same guys that do the drywall video! I’m also doing a tub,
    and this has been great. Thanks again.

  14. gullivera says:

    I always find it fascinating how differently things are done in other
    countries (I’m a plumber in the UK), does that tub sit directly on the
    floor? By that I mean with no adjustable feet? What do you do if your floor
    is running out of level? And with that panel moulded on the front, how do
    you get in if you ever need to service anything later on? Basically our
    ones all have adjustable legs, and are open on all sides and you fit the
    panel afterwards. Interesting stuff though.

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