Installing RV Porch Floor And Improving My New Bed

I spent the morning yesterday answering comments. I have over 3000 of them to sort through. Then I went to town to get some lumber for my RV porch framing a…
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  1. Bozonez3m says:

    Ok I have one question. If Troy has nothing. Why would he worry about being
    sued ? I mean what are you going to get ? His composting toilet ?

  2. The Do It Yourself World says:

    People were cursing and putting horrible stuff on my comments. Off topic
    filth. Lee went off defending me. Its very sad to see. I had to remove
    about 200 comments and block a lot of people last night.

  3. Danielle Reid says:

    And people wonder why I often accidentally call Reid by your name. He’s way
    too much like you! Redneck and proud! lol

  4. ElFutbolista77 says:

    What I said is correct. I am more than happy to have this discussion with
    you because you are being respectful :). That said, if you want to have
    this discussion let’s take it to private messages instead of right here.

  5. ElFutbolista77 says:

    The state of New York is part of the Medicaid expansion. If Troy’s income
    is less than the federal poverty line he is eligible for the expanded
    Medicaid benefits because New York is participating. He still has to apply

  6. ElFutbolista77 says:

    Have you ever read the Communist Manifesto? Your point is silly and not

  7. ElFutbolista77 says:

    If you don’t have an income you won’t have to pay for insurance. It will be
    provided for you. Please educate yourself.

  8. The Do It Yourself World says:

    Nice. Good to hear.

  9. The Do It Yourself World says:


  10. The Do It Yourself World says:

    Smart phone with internet. I can vote since I am a resident. I was an SEO
    expert and PHP programmer. I have no idea how I can pay for insurance.
    Maybe drop my food budget and starve so I can pay the “affordable”
    insurance, which I cannot afford. Sorry, touched a sensitive point there.

  11. The Do It Yourself World says:

    Did it freeze?

  12. The Do It Yourself World says:

    I will

  13. corbett1966 says:

    Depending on how many gallons a minute could set up on porch and use as
    your hot water tank. hook right into your water lines.

  14. ElFutbolista77 says:

    I would suggest you go back to elementary school and learn the difference
    between “you’re” and “your”. Your butchering of the English language makes
    my eyes bleed.

  15. ElFutbolista77 says:

    Country boys will survive. My left wing city slicker self has gotten
    inspired by your redneck self to start my own urban off grid project. I own
    some land in a city and I will be building a small off grid house.

  16. The Do It Yourself World says:

    Now that would be an answered prayer. lol

  17. The Do It Yourself World says:

    Yes in your case it will save you a lot of money. And yes, an RV water pump
    works fine the book says.

  18. The Do It Yourself World says:

    Hard to put into a few words. Start slow and get used to it first. Start
    with some solar panels and build yourself up with time. Its a shock to jump
    into it full blast as I had to but I survived it anyway.

  19. The Do It Yourself World says:

    Thanks. No insulation underneath.

  20. The Do It Yourself World says:

    Dont know if they will. Maybe trauma from being hunted every night keeps
    them from laying.

  21. ReignBeauHounds says:

    Wow, today was better than Christmas! I love airbeds. Would use one in my
    RV if it would fit the overhead bed. But hitting elbows on the ceiling
    isn’t much fun! You got some great finds today & the best was the shower
    thing! That’s great! Baby cat thinks so too – she got paper AND a box!

  22. Neil Shubert says:

    You do not want black roofing, but clear roofing. a solar porch is a green
    house. full clear roof, allowing the sun through to heat the interior. If
    you use a black roof, the roof gets hot and thats all. You have to use a
    clear roof. If you want max heat, hang black plastic on the interior of the
    porch and floor, so the air gets real warm.

  23. acklan3 says:

    Just a thought ;-) Best wishes, and God’s speed.

  24. AK4FIVE4 says:

    Troy, been meaning to ask about the chickens. Are they, or will they ever
    lay eggs? Just curious.

  25. Ruby Phillips says:

    Just want to tell you I enjoy your videos, look forward to them every day.
    I am inspired by your work ethic, your ability to solve problems, living
    off the grid, and doing it your way. You keep it up. Love it that your shed
    is coming together, are you going to insulate below the shed for the pot
    belly stove to stop cold air from coming in?

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