Interview with MIT Professor David Kaiser – How the Hippies Saved Physics

http://youtube.com/physicswoman Professor David Kaiser discusses his new book “How the Hippies Saved Physics,” what it takes to become an MIT professor, and …
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  1. Michael Flyger says:

    I really like how students and younger professionals take advantage of
    resources like youtube to bring us all first-hand interviews–often from
    environments we didn’t used to get to see unless we were in that specific
    academic program… and even then…

  2. jamesbrain1 says:

    it wd be interesting 2 have gf so much more brainy than me

  3. 7teen20nine says:

    This was an incredible interview! Absolutely fascinating dude, I think I’m
    going to have to check out that book. Can’t believe the only comment was
    about having a brainy girlfriend haha.

  4. u7ht67 says:

    Hippies, wondering what does a physical phenomena mean… double rainbow

  5. geogaddi00 says:

    Awesome! Thanks for this. I heard David Kaiser on Coast to Coast AM and
    bought the audiobook of How the Hippies Saved Physics. Great stuff.

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