Invertebrate Zoology Lab: Dress up like an invertebrate!!

I took an invertebrate zoology class and lab in college as an elective because I needed the credits to graduate. The lab was ridiculously hard. We had to mem…
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  1. xquessyou2 says:

    You’re right… That class was ridiculously hard… That lab book haunts
    me! You guys had the coolest lab notebook though! I’ve adopted some of your
    techniques ( in terms of using pointers to name structures)

  2. xquessyou2 says:

    Geez… I did the same search… I saw the pic of me in the roach costume!
    I had such a good time in the lab..thanks for letting me join you two for
    studying.. I doubt I would have gotten the grade I did if I hadn’t joined
    your group! I saw Dr. Green, and she was supposed to teach it again in fall
    of 2011 but I later found out that they gave the class to another

  3. Synkwan says:

    HAha this is awesome. I searched for “Invertebrate Zoology” and this vid
    popped up. =P

  4. xquessyou2 says:

    I had to get into heavy detail in the presentation… But I nailed it with
    a 97% and an A for the class.. Great class!

  5. xquessyou2 says:

    I had a blast in that class though… I do remember you descretly posing
    with everyone… Too funny!

  6. xquessyou2 says:

    Great to see this stuff again! I also have a few good vids from that lab (
    leeches on Shana!)

  7. xquessyou2 says:

    I’m great Liz… Been at main campus lately.. Taking the summer off!

  8. GirlyMuscleTV says:

    That class was hard as heck but we had so much fun. Remember when I would
    get behind people and Shana would take pictures. I think we got almost
    everyone in class :)

  9. GirlyMuscleTV says:

    That’s cool. When are you graduating? I moved to California. I miss South
    Florida though.

  10. xquessyou2 says:

    Not sure when I’ll finish.. Took a cool Grad class last semester.. On
    Symbiosis… I had to use the American cockroach and the jewel wasp! You
    did the zombie cockroach in class right?

  11. GirlyMuscleTV says:

    Oh my gosh! Steven!!! You’re costume was so awesome. How are you?

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