Is Clear Cutting a Forest Destroying the Land?

Keeper of the Mountain investigates the claims of loggers being rapists of the forest. What is a clear cut? What is a renewable resource? Has logging hurt th…


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  1. Keeperof Themountain says:

    I understand your viewpoint. However in order for man to live here at all
    we need to make changes. The only way to not make changes or impact is to
    not be here. The fact is, We humans live on Earth and are as much a part of
    it as the grizzly and the beaver. We have lots of beavers by the way. Most
    environmentalist groups at their core are quite anti-human. I am all about
    living in harmony with nature but, not to the point that I cease to exist.

  2. Keeperof Themountain says:

    Here in Washington the old growth was what we have planted. We have been
    planting for over 100 years. It has been a constantly adjusted over time to
    be better for the health of the forest. Although not perfected it is much
    better than ever. Believe it or not we actually care about our mountains.
    We are happy to plant. Not just because of bad press. If we want trees to
    cut later we must plant. No farmer in his right mind expects to reap what
    he does not sow.

  3. Keeperof Themountain says:

    Who has the right to tell me where to live?

  4. MsTokies says:

    is it really a right or not a right to pick land not in area’s of old
    growth. after they have clear cut it sure land is yours. if the end result
    is a mass loss of habitat that took longer then you were alive to grow.
    when loggers clear the land at first they just left it then the mud slides.
    then due to bad press they started to planting crap (not the same crap they
    cut because it took FOREVER to grow… for what paper? and a new home . So
    wild fire can reach the crowns of the old growth?

  5. Keeperof Themountain says:

    My pleasure

  6. MsTokies says:

    there isnt a good case for this if it was suppose to be like “that” it
    would have been the best tree would have spread the land would have created
    that valley though fire and then it would have regrown. my thoughts on this
    would have been different if we “needed” the wood. my practical side would
    kick in and i would agree with you that altho it is an awful biz they make
    a attempt to restore but we dont need it. we “want” to do biz that way due
    to a blocking of viabile low impact options

  7. Keeperof Themountain says:

    All lessons learned.

  8. Keeperof Themountain says:

    The amount of trees harvested is directly connected to the demand for the
    products they supply. It is the law of supply and demand. As long as
    offices demand paper and builders demand lumber trees will be cut and
    planted to supply them. If you can come up with something that can
    profitably replace the tree then this process will continue much longer
    than you or I will be around.

  9. swampratman2000 says:

    thanks for sharing your mountain with us

  10. Keeperof Themountain says:

    I agree. there is a lot of biodiversity out there.

  11. Keeperof Themountain says:

    No doubt we are not doing things in the perfect way. I do know though that
    in my lifetime we have made major adjustments to how logging is done. Most
    of them are for the better. It is a learning process. We have only been
    doing it here for about 200 years. That is only 4 or 5 crop cycles. I think
    we are learning pretty fast considering how long it takes to see the
    results of what we try.

  12. MsTokies says:

    this supposes that we take the place of biggest .. predor which we killed
    off California Grizzly …. altho .. it did effective the landscape bit
    like a bigger version of what pigs do…. but the main reason.. why i dont
    agree is we do control burns now.. in small area’s shifting though the
    parks not really on private land tho.. which is the only force besides
    grizzly, beavers that would have made those major landscape building
    changes… logging for most reason is wasteful– HEMP

  13. MsTokies says:

    im not a hippy time.. but clear cutting. is pointless. enough land for
    all.i could go online now and find plots of open country clear cutting is
    just an excuse to live in a place or to take over a place u were not really
    met to be in the first place. If it’s for paper, logging for buildings.
    tons of reclaim wood to go around 500 year old tree’s inner hearts for all.
    depending on the tree type is a bit stupid as well. We have a lot of
    beavers because the trapping slowed down on them

  14. MsTokies says:

    true and i will keep hope’n people will stop it. wasteful..

  15. Uncle Rice says:

    It would be nice if we could get the DNR to stop burning the slash piles so
    quickly. It benefits neither tree nor wood stove owner to burn hundreds of
    cords of wood 5 weeks after it’s open to the public.

  16. MsTokies says:

    I never thought you didn’t care I put into light my disagreement with your
    statement. Just like hunters love hunter and nature humans are about the
    worst hunter in the world compared to a wolf we take the best the wolf
    takes the weak, sometimes the strong but mostly the weak which makes for a
    healthier herd. i dont doubt that hunters and loggers love it but we hurt
    what we love sometimes

  17. TheMrRuger says:

    Head up Robinson Canyon south of ellensburg or reecer north of Ellensburg
    there is a bunch of different stuff.

  18. Uncle Rice says:

    There are Permaculture people that say the Indians burned conifer forests
    to allow other types of tree to grow. The local DNR people piled all of
    that logging debris up and burned most of it. That is wasteful. It’s good
    to see they are using biodiversity. Given the observed effects of
    monocropping over the years, only a certifiable lunatic would try farming
    all one type of tree any more.

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