Is Ethanol A Total Waste? Marjory Wildcraft and David Blume

So is ethanol a waste of energy? Why would anyone take corn to turn it into fuel? Are there other forms of ethanol or alcohol that actually are sustainable? …
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  1. Marjory Wildcraft says:

    Oh yes, wow, hadn’t thought of canna lillies. Actually, I use them in my
    summer garden as they grow very well in the Texas heat (if they get water).
    Super high in starch, and pretty good tasting (my kids will verify that if
    you want – LOL).

  2. Jedimullet77 says:

    I spent over 2 years slpash bleending 45% or so ethanol into my non flex
    fuel truck. I’ve had Dave’s conversion kit on it for the last 2 and half
    years running E85 and i love it. I go longer between oil changes (extending
    engine life) and the inside of my exhaust pipe looks brand new.

  3. DrMerriwether says:

    Canna lily (Cannaceae species) rhizomes are very high in starch and these
    plants grow well in just about any sort of climate. They’d make a great
    source of ethanol.

  4. Marjory Wildcraft says:

    Davids main site is at alcoholcanbeagasdotcom

  5. Sheila6325 . says:

    I’m going to Amazon right now. Fantastic! I’ve been waiting for something
    like this for a long time. Thank you!

  6. atomitron says:

    Can you use grass or weeds? Seems that is the most plentiful thing around
    my area :)

  7. johbaptist1 says:

    Can you give a link or address as to where one can obtain this book or a
    website/Facebook of this gentleman and his works?

  8. Aamir Ghanchi says:

    Liked the interview. However I disagree with David that (paraphrasing)
    solar energy has done most of the heavy lifting to get us the
    carbohydrates, therefore we are using lesser energy to convert that
    carbohydrate into energy. I would argue that similar processes have taken
    in the earth’s crust that worked on the organic matter to convert into
    “readily available” energy and not an intermediate stage of carbohydrates.

  9. Marjory Wildcraft says:

    Wow, thank you for posting. That is such a great testimonial to what David
    is talking about.

  10. Pablo Koh says:

    Over 70,000 miles in my stock high mileage 4 cyl. Jeep Cherokee running on
    70% ethanol. Buy the book. It is worth it.

  11. Marjory Wildcraft says:

    Davids book is available at Amazon.com.. His videos are also really good –
    I especially loved the first one where he talks about the history of
    alcohol and how the Rockafellers sponsored prohibition to squash

  12. Teddykusa k says:

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