Is the Bible relevant in an Age of Science? By Professor John G Hartnett

Professor John Gideon Hartnett is an experimental physicist and cosmologist currently employed at Adelaide University. In this presentation he introduces com…
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  1. Vivalaleta Godfrey says:


  2. Michael Ti Hsieh says:

    Amen brother Hartnett – I love listening to brethren defend six day

  3. sakura4631 says:

    Chuckle head? What are you a 1940’s shoe shine?

  4. bexter150 says:

    So true! only takes a little thought to realise all the flaws in
    evolutionary thinking

  5. Street Church says:

    This is not a lecture on physics. No scientist has ever produced evidence
    for evolution. Its a bad theory.

  6. abby0campbell says:

    Excellent! Am sharing as much as I can, thanks guys.

  7. David Battle says:

    Just checking to make sure comments are being censored. Hi there! God can’t
    take an objective comment or question?

  8. dionstrezlecki says:

    Both Susskind and Hartnett are Phd Physicists ( i have watched 100+ hours
    worth of Susskinds lectures). Hartnett believes Genesis 1 ‘In the beginning
    God’ Susskind belivees Darwin 1′ In the beginning Hydrogen’. One of those 2
    has some serious scientific difficulties.

  9. David Battle says:

    This guy is just a self-congratulatory chuckle head. You want to see what a
    real physics lecture looks like, watch Leonard Susskind of Stanford
    University. I can’t believe people fall for this cartoon (not cartoonish,
    but actually CARTOON) ideas. Shame on you Professor Hartnett for your
    deception of this vulnerable people.

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