Is There Gold Silver Palladium Platinum Scrap Recovery Money in Diabetes Test Strips?- Begbucks HD

A tuber suggested this interesting industry that revolves around that recycling of diabetes test strips for the precious metals contained therein. If so & not being solely purchased to make new strips. I’d like to know as to the recovery ratio, & general techniques required in extracting these assets. Rate, Comment, Befriend, Respond or Subscribe ~ Thanks! And don’t forget the virtually effortless, donation friendly, affiliate site begbucks.com at www.begbucks.com (Thanks for your support.)


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  1. Begbucks says:

    @ProspectorRick Out of curiosity; what are your rates for that? (you can pm if you’d like)

  2. ProspectorRick says:

    If anyone’s interested, 30 grams of scrap is what I would need in order to assay the strips and post the results. I am an assayer and part time refiner. Go to my channel, and follow the links back to my website, and facebook page.

  3. ProspectorRick says:

    I do refine scrap, often, and have thought about trying to get a contract set up with Supply companies for their rejects produced in the manufacturing process, as well as possibly used strips, which could be incinerated before processing to address heath concerns. Yes, I would process them for the gold content, without a second thought, and do it at a profit.

  4. Begbucks says:

    @godin007 Good to know, thanks!

  5. Begbucks says:

    @godin007 Centrifuges seem to have many cool uses these days, from high volume WVO filtering to Gold lol

  6. godin007 says:

    And not sure about silver but a cubic centimeter of gold will give you 63 square meters of gold leaf.

  7. godin007 says:

    @Begbucks Not too sure what the thickness would be but it’s the whole size of the sheet. Like news paper negatives and such. Anyway, when I worked at the steel mill, a guy was looking for a centrifugal system to extract it. said it’d be worth it.

  8. Begbucks says:

    @godin007 Any clue how much? (apr.)

  9. godin007 says:

    there is silver in the negatives that they use in print and photo places

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