Jason Webley & Professor Science: The Mitten Opera

“This is the third best song about mittens I’ve ever collaborated on.” -Prof. Science Jason, the Professor, and the Mod 90 roustabouts really want their mitt…


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  1. Katelyn Wong says:

    ahh! i love it!!

  2. bettyx1138 says:

    very cute

  3. Creediskcens says:

    I laughed like hell XD thanks for posting this!!!

  4. KKip12 says:

    awesome. it makes me want to go bring you guys mittens.

  5. sadtrapofgravity says:

    I didn’t know Jason could sing that high.

  6. LawnmowersAU says:

    JASON!@!!!!!!!!!!!! tell him to come back to australia.

  7. shiningoogoodoll says:

    hahaha this is amazing!

  8. nazarkat says:

    I am in every way awed. And to think, back in the day (meaning 3 weeks
    ago), I watched Girls Gone WIld with that guy!

  9. jaspers22 says:

    It would be great to hear a studio recording of this song.

  10. Gloria Hain says:

    Hand whistle man is in a threadless shirt! AH! this is the best, ever.

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