Knife Party feat. Skrillex – Zoology [Dubstep Library HD]

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  1. eye5755 says:

    When the song started I thought I was about to get rick roll’ed

  2. Garrett Emmons says:

    Me too.

  3. eye5755 says:

    Love how all the comments are in reply to meh

  4. Tibetkeskin says:

    lollol me too

  5. Cooljess95 says:

    @eye5755 Same here LOL

  6. Khonz92 says:

    Same here lmao i was about to rage lmfao

  7. DubstepicGaming says:

    @eye5755 Knife party does that a lot. lol

  8. DubstepRandomMusic says:

    Its Moombahton…

  9. TheSteven3011 says:


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