Knife Party ft. Skrillex – Zoology (Ibiza MIx)

Knife Party ft. Skrillex – Zoology Taken from their first ever live set played at Space @ Ibiza.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. Johnny Helgason says:

    it sounds like a robot systematically raping every animal at the zoo

  2. Ryan Meaker says:

    its amazing to think that this is actually pendulum and skrillex. lmfao.

  3. TheCamo1989 says:

    @DanielMaddison10 you actually contradicted your own statement, if knife
    party is consisted of 2 members of pendulum, then it has every relation to
    pendulum through those 2 members, it doesnt matter that the other members
    aren’t in knife party.

  4. DanielMaddison10 says:

    @djicoubiti2 It’s amazing how wrong you are. Knife Party is nothing to do
    with Pendulum. The only relation KP has to Pendulum is that KP is comprised
    of 2 guys from Pendulum.

  5. Qbays says:

    @greasykanadian and they enjoy it ;)

  6. Rob Swire says:


  7. Jireh McAllister says:

    It’s amazing how wrong YOU are! Rob and Gareth founded Pendulum, They were
    the ones doing the Hold Your Colour album and everything before that, the
    only extra’s they had was a guitarist, drummer and etc, BUT Rob did all the
    synths, vocals, mastering, so actually djicoubiti2 is right, this is pretty
    much Skrillex and Pendulum, learn your stuff before you accuse other people
    dumb ass!

  8. DanielMaddison10 says:

    @that420guy831 Until they kick us out – Knife Party ft. Mistajam

  9. DarkStarWolf07 says:

    Wish the studio version sounded like this. D:

  10. franqoo Garay says:

    poooo papapappapa pa pipipipipopopopapa

  11. kissitkatec says:

    @DanielMaddison10 you took that so literal.

  12. Steven Traylor says:

    wats the next song thats about to play right before it ends???

  13. Crusages says:

    @Blizzardwizard11 They use a lot of Pendulum samples and presets; Rob Swire
    is like the main producer.

  14. TheOfficialTurko says:

    dat skrillex synth

  15. octobotical says:

    @DanielMaddison10 and how does this make KP unrelated to pendulum? its
    2/3rds of pendulum. i think that counts dumbass.

  16. Hompola Miklós P says:

    the 2 head of the pendulum

  17. chazzerman286 says:

    He was the singer in Pendulum!

  18. Adriana Gomez says:


  19. Rory Watson says:

    that beat fucking slays me

  20. DarkStarWolf07 says:

    @HellsHillHouseHorror That’s true. Can’t wait ’till it IS released… :D

  21. MrTaco6 says:

    this may be the best version of this song I’ve heard. wish there was a
    studio version though.

  22. Peter Burford says:

    They need to do a studio version!!!

  23. Charlotte Pritchard says:

    Oh Sonny, you did it again, you fucking genius

  24. Permeles says:

    do you guys know when the full version is going to be out?

  25. MATAHH says:

    u + 36 thumbsbitches just confirmed djicoubiti2 is right :-j have a good
    one, ciaw

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