Knife Party & Skrillex – Zoology VIP (Actual Full Leak)

My page: https://www.facebook.com/RealSkrillexFans Part of Knife Party’s Scrapped Tracks/Remixes,Demos&VIPs Enjoy No Copyright Intended.


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  1. Patrick Gaffney says:

    Alright, Dubsteppers, Who’s Bass Sound is better??

  2. Angel Perez Estrada says:

    Son la caƱa :D

  3. AYOSMusic says:

    I agree.. If you hear the first and second time it’s nice.. but after that
    it kills the hype :(

  4. Jordan Eckenrode says:


  5. Neroqz says:

    I’m not surprised they dropped this track. It kinda sucks.

  6. Numinor says:

    full leak ma fuckin ass. fuckin amateur edit YAWN

  7. 5KR1773X says:

    It’s the merryls remake, it’s on soundcloud

  8. Manuel Merz says:

    i thought: horny (knife party) + horny (skrillex) = super mega horny but i
    didnt expect this…(sorry) crap

  9. TheDafuqGamerz says:

    Nobody said it was.

  10. aryarock22 says:

    The fuck…?????

  11. Brony And Proud says:

    That BASS Gives me the feeling to say WUBA DUB DUB MOTHERFUCKERS

  12. Ander Dzn says:


  13. OEDWAI says:

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  14. xAvispar says:

    Wtf? Are you lost?

  15. Connor Thompson says:

    Sometimes I’ll try to say it and it just doesn’t feel right anymore

  16. Lasse Bischoff says:

    1:0 Knife Party!

  17. Yamigetsu says:

    >scared of being rolled >2013 Ha.

  18. xAvispar says:

    Nobody claimed it was

  19. Teknim Promotions says:

    lol, thats a loop from their liveset in ibiza :)

  20. Michael Ingraham says:

    this isnt a vip

  21. Jamie F says:

    base is exactly same as original .

  22. Colin Prindle says:

    legit or not, this is boss

  23. ibarkis says:

    Awesome! It actually sounds legit!

  24. guy israel says:

    the wolf

  25. marlon nigro says:

    Nah man, Rob Swire (a member of Knife Party) said on twitter that they
    scrapped Zoology, Suffer and The Box.

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