Knife Party & Skrillex – Zoology VIP

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  1. spazmatron1970 says:

    fuck these? experts.

  2. Scynthor says:

    Don’t you just hate those kids who think they? know what they’re on about when they have no fucking clue? :/
    Totally agree with you, man, there’s not enough people like us on the internet who actually know what’s what.

  3. ChiefPLUR says:

    it? used to be just the first and second drop.

  4. TheFlux says:

    Yes, that’s called Glitch? Hop :)

  5. ILoveTheWhores says:

    BPM means nothing …even a 90 bpm could be dubstep , instead of talking about thing u don’t even know? … google it =)

  6. TheFlux says:

    Moombahton, that’s what this piece of art is. 110BPM. As opposed to dubstep which is 140 BPM. But after reading your deep complex analysis? I don’t think you’ll have a clue what BPM means without googling it…

  7. ILoveTheWhores says:

    bass drop and and wuble bass means? dubstep .. wash your ears

  8. Exxcessivve says:

    How? is this a VIP?

  9. Exxcessivve says:

    Fuck you.?

  10. TheFlux says:

    I don’t think you realize this isn’t even? dubstep

  11. Ablazed420 says:

    i dont think? anybody relizes that dubstep is just a bunch of chezzy sound effects slaped on a beat

  12. irvingboss100 says:

    nice? nice song… skrillex….

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