Knife Party & Skrillex – Zoology

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  1. Tavi chan says:

    Epic Moombah?

  2. rioamericanosucks says:

    @darkwatch793ownz it’s still a new song hipster and this is moombah not
    skrillex’s electro-house garbage

  3. ossisTONE says:

    @Hal0Sux fucking true

  4. Tom Strissel says:

    why doesn’t this have 100k views!?

  5. darkwatch793ownz says:

    @rioamericanosucks true not his electro-house garbage but its pretty old
    dave nada played it 2 months ago

  6. asianbeverage says:

    I gotta agree with you there. The only thing I can hear from Skrillex is
    the modulated growl.

  7. RanDubMusic says:

    seriously! “oh they’re mainstream, to try and be cool now im going to hate
    them” sorry so because an artist is good and is gaining the attention they
    deserve they are now way to “mainstream” so i’m a non-dubstep loving cunt
    for still liking them.

  8. Ryan Dean says:

    Hey everybody, I can be a dick too! … Do you like me now?r

  9. xXEverymanXx says:

    Faith in humanity: Fucked up!

  10. Kr3yfishDubstep says:

    Who bets me $15.00 that I can get my Dad (Who listens to Trance and House)
    to listen to Moombah?

  11. Hal0Sux says:

    @TheTorchLightDemon Copy pasta king? Two completely different songs from
    him, off the same EP: /watch?v=OR6AV9yJPoM and /watch?v=86khmc6y1yE, the
    only thing he does use the same is the vocal chopping, but he would be
    stupid to stop using that

  12. crazymoo7 says:


  13. Alex Young says:

    1. Summit is electro 2. Long Drive has a a 3 minute build up 3. Long Drive
    is electro house 4. No one thinks Kyoto and Ruffneck sound the same 5.
    please shut the fuck up

  14. TheTorchLightDemon says:

    @Hal0Sux btw your stupid summit is breath and kyoto is ruffneck bass they
    are literally the same songs

  15. FnG204 says:

    It’s not Centipede, it’s Sleaze.

  16. dnbFiZiO says:

    @dnbFiZiO i meant *thats why* :X srslyWORDS!

  17. Št?pánka Lebedová says:

    fucking awesome :P

  18. HyperHoundoom says:

    I can’t believe I still remember when Pendulum dropped hard DnB and now two
    of them (AKA Knife Party) are making Moombahton, Electro House & Dubstep
    songs. IMO most of the song sounds more like something Knife Party would do
    rather than Skrillex

  19. 09RobCookie says:

    @TheEoli but cmon, we all know DatsiK isnt human, more of an evil music
    making robot from the year 2678 thats come back because he thinks he left
    his wallet on the train, i dunno man im too high for this

  20. littlemick1192 says:

    summit sounds nutin like long drive

  21. qwertyacme says:

    because they like Knife Party?

  22. Jsoh21 says:

    I love how the ending is the intro to Centipede haha.

  23. James Franco says:

    HAH! RICKROLLED! oh wait…..

  24. Jonathan Arvizu says:

    @basslinelover4ever atleast he doesn’t have a faggot username.

  25. dysphoriatheband says:

    @DreamersThatFall with a theremin !

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