Lacie Madison performing “Botany Bay” a traditional Irish/Australian song

Botany Bay Music & Lyrics Traditional Happy St. Patrick’s day! Enjoy this traditional Irish/Australian song. Subscribe to stay in touch and instant notificat…
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  1. tomaf says:

    Dylan’s “botany bay” song is waaayyy better

  2. skippytwitz says:

    yet again irish stealing English songs

  3. ponyboy314 says:

    That was a lovely rendition. You have my compliments.

  4. James Butler says:

    good on you girl, no maidens need ever have to work or pay to see botany
    bay or more importanly, to play by the dock of a bay.-)

  5. skippytwitz says:

    this an English song Farewell to old England forever, Farewell to my old
    pals as well, Farewell to the well–known Old Bailey Where once I used to
    look such a swell.

  6. andy paul says:

    brilliant, what a voice

  7. Natholi says:

    Love it… would love to hear you sing the Aussie version.. well English
    convict version I suppose :o)

  8. sirjarhead says:

    Very nice, and the singing is good to :P

  9. sumdedgie says:

    different song dude… did you even watch the vid?

  10. MCYorkieBar says:

    Amazing Song I Love It, Heard It At An Irish Pub In Menorca Was

  11. mudkip4ever1 says:

    my name is lacie and i play the keyboard! Ps. your good!!

  12. Pavel Kruta says:

    I’m playing this a few times this weekend! :D

  13. dasschwarzesschaaf says:

    well done, great song, very good

  14. Philip Williams says:

    the irish always steal English folk songs, the scots do as well….and then
    they accuse us of having no culture

  15. skippytwitz says:

    Its origins are probably from an English music hall and not from Australia
    at all. It is obviously written by a songwriter and meant to entertain. It
    is about the convict days when any small crime would have you shipped to
    Australia for 7 years. Verse 2 is about life on the convict ships. The last
    verse is directed to English girls and boys as warning not to steal.” its
    not irish

  16. Sem says:


  17. Armando Quezada says:

    What are the chords I know some but not all

  18. TheJeanette76 says:

    Bounty Bay is an old ‘British/Australian song!

  19. HonestBloke says:

    Thank God for u tube so i can sit here in the middle of the bush and see
    such talent on the other side of the planet. The Irish has had and still
    has a huge impact in this country. with 1 in 3 Aussies having a Irish
    decendent somewhere in their famly mine included. May you do well in your
    future darlin.

  20. Leatherwork Time says:

    I did really like the song the first time I heard it … but I was also
    looking for something else. Then I found myself coming back over and over
    to hear Lacie sing it! You won me over!

  21. Ken Groh says:

    Great song, well done, Ken

  22. Hagennnnn says:

    Very great – thanks for the upload

  23. Kevin Froleiks Comedy says:

    Fantastic! I love this song.

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