Lecture 1: The Scope of International Environmental Law

This course is a seminar on the role of law in the management of international environmental problems. The course will begin with a brief introduction to pub…
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  1. Julie Arnold says:

    The case studies in this course must be really interesting, I’d love to
    hear about some of them. Any further lectures posted online?

  2. DudeOfX says:

    If I am not mistaken I noticed a lot of international students there… Its
    interesting international students in one room studying international law…

  3. alessandramarcarian says:

    The series of lectures are superb. I also agree with user Relativity1970,
    can you indicate the used literature so that we can read it?

  4. 0engima0 says:

    I really appreciate the effort of the lady. But, I searched and searched to
    find anything relevant to international law until there was silence @round
    28:5. All the she talks about is the contents of the syllabus and her class
    room her contact details yata yata yata. But a great effort. Thank you.

  5. Jesse Fagan says:

    @EndNationStates You’re very narrow if you focus only on the past decade
    and ignore long term trends.

  6. slapcompany says:

    Success for Managers is: Time to help my own people realize who they can
    be, not just what they can do.

  7. mak ... says:

    you lady are teh epiczor

  8. EndNationStates says:

    @aftersox . LOL. actually, you’re right… longer-term global temperatures
    have been falling for 17 years.Please, focus on the long-term trends…not
    the hockey-stick graph and other specious mumbo-jumbo and pre-programmed
    computer projections… focus on the 30,000 scientists suing Al Gore and
    others for fraud.Focus on the money BP will siphon from the public as a
    large holder of carbon credits…. Focus on the Club of Rome’s agenda…
    Please focus on anything other than propaganda and drivel

  9. ehmfrancisco says:

    Environmental problems is not only centered in one country it is world wide.

  10. Franco Leevin says:

    for trained ears … ur a great professor …. super interesting

  11. EndNationStates says:

    Climate change (noun): what they’ve begun calling global warming after
    average global temperatures dropped for a decade straight.

  12. Relativity1970 says:

    I love it all the lectures are online.. perhaps you can put the used
    literature on her aswell so i can buy and read it

  13. Ihsan Alkhatib says:

    Very nice to have access to this pricey education at Berkeley.

  14. liberationn15 says:

    These lectures always remind me of how wonderful it is to have so much
    amazing information is available on the internet.

  15. feelingpeanuty says:

    Understandable when you take into account that this is obviously the first
    lecture of the course – which is usually time taken to cover the syllabus
    and briefly touch on what the semester holds. Try some of the other videos
    in this series, as the in-depth lectures will have begun.

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