Lecture by Professor Richard Dawkins at Culham Science Centre

‘Is Evolution Predictable?’. A lecture given by Professor Richard Dawkins at Culham on 28 February 2012.


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  1. TheTehpwnshow says:

    Oh,? I see

  2. CulhamFusionEnergy says:

    Apologies – we don’t have permission to reproduce? the slides.

  3. TheTehpwnshow says:

    I don’t get why? the slideshow isn’t shown…

  4. rousseau2020 says:

    So many bald heads in that room.?

  5. Bloodtoker says:

    This man explains his field perfectly.?
    Great lecture.

  6. CulhamFusionEnergy says:

    We appreciate the lively debate that the video has produced – however please? do not post abusive comments or use rude language. Comments of this nature will be removed.

  7. Joe Giuffre says:

    Hahahahahahaha, what a fucking idiot, you’re confusing? creationists with evolutionists and creationism with? evolution, fuckwit.

  8. Joe Giuffre says:

    @Fake Joe Giuffre aka Chuckles the Gay Clown. You want me to be your daddy sooooo bad? you changed? your name to match mine. How pathetic. Did your mother have any kids that lived? Do you cry yourself to sleep every night or just most nights?

  9. Monte Harris says:

    I wish I could see? the powerpoint.

  10. Joseph Taggart says:

    I love this gentleman.

    Professor Dawkins? ftw.

  11. nicenac says:

    yeah but want to find the evidence in animals i? know it happens in plants

  12. DrummerSir says:

    Check out polyploidy in plants, especially flowers.?

  13. DrummerSir says:

    Downs is? trisomy 21. Trisomy 18 is Edwards.

  14. FletchyCzW says:

    Well said. I was just about to reply to him saying something very similar, lol thanks!?

  15. matt morris says:

    Although the idea of creationism is obviously incorrect, it is arrogant to call creationists retards. If you were brought up believing in a certain idea, even if it is wrong, you can not be called a retard for still believing in it. Even the greatest naturalists in history, including Darwin, started out believing in more primitive theories like creationism. Theories are always subject to change. I’m? sure that one day arrogant people will look back and call us “retarded” for some of our theories.

  16. sergio santos says:

    Evolution or just extinct? creatures.

  17. gog mclaine says:

    Mr Dwakins does not? believe in Design. I think he meant it ironically

  18. litoazmitia says:

    My dick gets hard every time? I find a new RD video that’s an hour and a half long

  19. Jeffrey MacDonald says:

    16:30 Evolution,? bitch.

  20. Christopher Schneider says:

    they _are_ better than creationists.
    Get? to work on your education. Two hands working accomplish more than a thousand clasped in prayer.

  21. Lloyd Newman says:

    18:30 Instead of calling it bad design as Mr. Dawkins does, I would trying thinking of why evolution may have played out that way. Octopuses live deep in the ocean, there isn’t much light there so it makes sense that their eyes would develop to take in as much? light as possible. Our eyes developed on land where it’s extremely bright in most places so it makes sense that our eyes would develop to take in less light.

  22. ssk3tch1one says:

    what about if? it’s hurting someone else? that is a very unthought out view, nothing is black and white.

  23. nicenac says:

    sometimes i wish richard dawkins was looking at these comments? on youtube so he could come across these questions of mine and maybe give me some answer.

  24. nicenac says:

    I know about that isn’t there? any evidence of the number of chromosomes changing other than the obvious ones that cause health problems from parent to offspring within species in which it must happen for evolution to be true. For example dogs have 78 chromosomes and cats have 28 I think but it’s common ancestor would have had a different number. Let say it’s common ancestor had 20 chromosomes then through evolutionary time the offspring descendants at sometime would have had 21, 22,23 etc.

  25. Christopher Schneider says:

    Agreed. Remember, nothing rivals divine anger. (noah’s flood, for example)
    Kill one man,? and u r a murderer.
    Kill millions of men, and u r a conqueror
    Kill them ALL, and u r a god.

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