LEGO Indiana Jones – The Original Adventure – Part 13 – SPiDER! (HD Gameplay Walkthrough)

Please leave a like if we get to 1000 Likes that would be awesome :-) Time for another LEGO game but this time it’s not Batman, Its…..INDIANA JONES! ===Awe…


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  1. Arider56107 says:

    Did he notice Indy’s pants were on fire??

  2. tony Algaw says:


  3. Anara Luna says:

    It sounds? like your saying brawl

  4. Misterseven06 says:

    Do? yolocraft

  5. Corrie Eckeberger says:

    The ladies name is Willie like? in Willie Nelson

  6. Carlos Salcerio says:

    Blitzwinger when you finish this series can you? play wizard 101

  7. seamus holland says:

    Do a? face cam

  8. jack taylor says:

    Dude. You can get 10 out of ten minikits on this whole thing without free playing. You missed one when you entered the lava place and when you? pushed a bed and whiped across.

  9. roberto morales says:

    U miss? mini kits

  10. kcm6457 says:

    Zombie Slayer!!!! Or should I say humor slayer… Go waste your time? on something else, not hating on someone with so many more suscribers than you.

  11. samuel67398 says:

    Dude when shortie aka shortround? died there was a minikit

  12. zombie slayer 134 says:

    blitzwinger? or should i say gaywinger

  13. zombie slayer 134 says:



  14. zombie slayer 134 says:

    are fucking retarded and gay sure? seems like

  15. legopro9 says:

    You missed a mini kit?

  16. William Beasley says:

    Skeletons in the closet is? also the name of the second to last episode in season one of The Legend of Korra

  17. jack bush says:

    lol are they twerking? is that miley? syrus lol

  18. J. Barbosa Oliveira Jr. says:

    i dont think so?

  19. Zach Cavish says:

    like a boss?

  20. Jacob Washeer says:


  21. Jacob Washeer says:


  22. José Luis Baez says:

    Do angry? birds star wars 2

  23. max hilare says:

    u missed 1 in the room before? the cave and 1 in the cave

  24. thombli4 says:

    you can acually find all minikits in this level without free? play

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